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By Kirsten Faurie
Moose Lake Star Gazette 

Pee outside and you can achieve anything


A recent hike gave me the opportunity to teach my 4-year-old my daughter one of the most important lessons of her life: how to pee outside.

Up until now, her life experience told her that boys could pee outside, but girls had to go inside to use potties.

That all went out the window when we were in the middle of a nature preserve on a bird-watching expedition and her little voice peeped from behind me: “I have to go potty.”

I knelt down so I could look directly into her eyes as I explained what she was going to learn.

At first she was confused. Then her eyes and her smile widened as the idea of this newfound liberation dawned. She looked at me like I just gave her the key to unlocking her full life potential.

When we got to the task at hand she was absolutely giddy. She as giggling with nervousness of doing something new, but also pride at her accomplishment.

She was so excited that her execution didn’t go quite as planned. There’s a trick to the female potty-less pee for sure and it was a valiant first effort. I was glad we had spare clothes and wipes in the car.

That day was a lesson in more than just technique.

That day she learned she can accomplish what she wants to, even if means doing it in a slightly different way. More than that, it was a lesson in not letting other people dictate what you can and cannot accomplish.

Live your life for you. Don’t let the paradigms or expectations of others limit your own vision.

So, go ahead: Answer the call of nature. Have a bush wee. Water the plants. Rain on a rock. Sprinkle your tinkle. Squirt the dirt. Mark your territory. Embrace your freedom.

Back on our walk, we were two, confident, independent women ... until 15 minutes later when her voice peeped again: “Mommy, I have to go poop.”

Give me strength.

Kirsten Faurie is the group editor at Northstar Media, including the Moose Lake Star Gazette; and is the editor of the Kanabec County Times. She can be contacted at or by calling 320-225-5128.


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