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By Airra Saunders
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Moose Lake women bring relief to Twin Cities


Photo submitted by Airra Saunders

Local women Toni Cromwell (left) and Samantha Buhn (right) traveled to the Twin Cities in search of ways to help.

Many around the country were distraught over destruction in Minneapolis after riots and protests swept through late May due to the death of George Floyd.

Women from the Moose Lake and Sturgeon Lake area wanted to do their part to help families and children in those communities.

It didn't take long for resident Toni Cromwell to figure out how she could help.

"I was tired of seeing controversial stuff on social media sites and the news," she said. "I thought, what can I do that is positive or helpful?"

Cromwell looked into places listed on a Support the Twin Cities Facebook page to see where she could reach out. Then, Sam Buhn joined her Wednesday, June 3 on a drive to Minneapolis.

The ladies had gathered bags of food, toiletries and baby items to drop off at any location accepting donations in the areas hit the hardest.

"The idea was to help clean up the mess," said Buhn, a resident of Sturgeon Lake, "but most of it was already cleaned and boarded up by the time we got there."

Instead, the ladies decided to visit the memorial site of George Floyd, and drop off their donations at the Boys and Girls Club nearby the memorial.

A man organizing the distribution there expressed his gratitude to the ladies. "I really appreciate you coming down to check on us," he said, as they hauled in bags of food.

When asked if they could volunteer the ladies were informed they would need to go online and sign up for a time slot in advance.

With COVID-19 potentially still spreading, the organization is only allowed to take two volunteers at a time.

The ladies were still glad they made the trip. "I was overwhelmed by how peaceful the energy felt and how so many people were coming together," said Cromwell.

"It really was amazing," agreed Buhn, "I thought there might be animosity yet, but the crowds were peaceful, and it was fascinating to see all the talented artwork and murals that have gone up since the incidents."

Many others around the Twin Cities have been contributing donations in hopes of regrowth for Minnesota's largest city.


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