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Quarantine Poems


April 30, 2020

Here are more poems from the 10th graders at Barnum High School about our current stay-at-home order and the COVID-19 situation in general. We hope you find some entertainment or enlightenment in them. More will be featured next week.

I’m stuck at home, watching movies and playing games

I can’t leave the house or see my friends, the corona virus is to blame

The news is on all day saying “stay home”,

everyone’s on lockdown

I’d rather be out and about,

even if there isn’t much to do in our small town

Playing with my dogs and going on walks only lasts so long

Now there’s inches of snow and power outages,

what else is gonna go wrong?

Although everything seems to be getting worse,

there’s another side of this all

The earth is thriving,

coming back from a harsh place,

and doing well overall

Air pollution and CO2 emissions have dropped dramatically

due to people staying inside

Not only that,

but the murky waters in Venice have begun to subside

Despite the fact that there’s good and bad to this corona outbreak,

I hope everything goes back to normal before summer so I can spend my time at the lake

- Brooke

National Pandemic

This national pandemic is quite scary

It’s to the point where I’m surviving, barely

I think my Mother is beginning to lose it everyday

She acts like it’s the beginning of a nationwide doomsday

She always asks if I’ve washed my hands at all

It makes me want to smash my head into the wall

Isolation at home isn’t that bad

When you have a bro that’s pretty rad

Staying up late and watching a movie

With my family is quite groovy

Hopefully one day this will all be done

So I can relax in the summer sun

- Max

time for quarantine

rarely left home anyway

introvert’s dream

- Steven

The Way The House Hums

There’s nothing quite as loud as silence when you hear it the first time.

The familiar holistic muttering of your house ceases for a time.

There’s nothing quite as unnerving as silence when you hear it for the first time.

The crystalline blue wings of solace shattering, the pieces flying away. There’s nothing quite as upsetting as silence when you hear it for the first time.

The shards of solidarity slowly slipping away.

But when the cars stop running, and the country shuts down, the silence is here to stay.

- Andy


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