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Quarantine Poems

Week 2


April 16, 2020

Here are more poems from 10th graders at Barnum High School about our current stay-at-home order and the COVID-19 situation in general. We hope you find some entertainment or enlightenment in them. More will be featured next week.

I wake up in a cozy bed that hugs me

The light shines in my room faintly

as my blinds fight the sun’s battle

I hear chattering downstairs

from the four others I have to share space with

I groan because I don’t want to see anybody

I check the calendar and

suddenly it is no longer the weekend

Days blend together

as the news about COVID-19 spreads as fast as the virus

I think about all the schoolwork that will flood my way

Trying to ignore all responsibilities because COVID-19 took all of the fun away.


Corona has become a global outbreak

Opportunity to bake a cake

Roads are empty, stores are closed

Out of toilet paper, the true selfishness of people is exposed

Never knowing what day it is or what to do

Always looking for something new

Various problems like a curse

Is this year gonna get any worse

Responsibilities building up with distance learning

Uncertain of these times, for better times I’m yearning

Shortness of breath, you’ve got a chance at death


Silence is all that I have been handed.

In my house, alone, with sorrow branded,

Letting the noise around me be sanded,

Ending with the virus unexpanded

Never before have I felt so stranded,

Calling only to the snow that landed,

Entering a world that Walz demanded.



Quarantine is such a bore;

When I can’t even go to the store?

Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap

All things I’m in need of to cope

During this tragic time I am struggling to form a simple rhyme.

Though this was caused by someone eating a bat,

the time in quarantine has made my cat very fat.

Hopefully this gets over soon

So I can celebrate my birthday in June.



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