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Quarantine Poems


Here are a couple poems from 10th graders at Barnum High School about our current stay-at-home order and the COVID-19 situation in general. We hope you find some entertainment or enlightenment in them. More will be featured next week.

Now this is a story all about how

I’m being quarantined inside my house

And I’d like to take minute just sit right there

and I’ll tell ya how I’m doing during this time of despair

In north Minnesota born and raised

on the baseball field is where I spend most of my days

chilling out, maxin’, relaxin’ like a king

I was hitting some baseballs during the spring.

When this guy named Tim

who was up to no good

started talking about some trouble in our neighborhood.

I got pretty mad but to my dismay

my mom said “you’re staying in this house till the 5th of May”


Spring break is a time for fun and

A time for relaxation,

But that’s not true this year,

Due to COVID-19 across the nation

Trips are cancelled,

Sports are through and school is no more,

You thought this all would be fun,

But it truly is a bore

You can’t go visit your friends

And your house will stay your scene,

As you will be trapped inside

Because of this awful quarantine

Masks will run low,

And you must keep your distance,

6-feet is the rule,

The world depends on the consistence

But good things are to come of this,

We’ll help the Earth recover,

We’ll stay inside and play games,

We’ll laugh and draw and color

Spend time with those you love

And take nothing for granted,

Hold on, this will be over soon,

New seeds are yet to be planted



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