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By Bethany Helwig
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Keeping an eye out for pedestrians

From the Editor


March 12, 2020

We’ve gotten a wave of warmer weather lately and the pedestrians have come out to enjoy it while it lasts (because with Minnesota, there’s bound to be another snowstorm around the corner).

As one of said pedestrians out on the side of the road training for my upcoming half-marathon, I’d like to thank those courteous drivers that pay attention and even move over some to give me extra space. While the snow is still melting, there aren’t a lot of areas completely clear so I can’t always be on a sidewalk. When jogging on the side of the road, I have to remain alert for those drivers that don’t see me or don’t care that I’m there. It’s unnerving when someone passes within feet of me with a phone glued to their ear, oblivious to the fact that if they drifted over the line while distracted, we’d have a very serious accident on our hands, one from which I doubt I would walk away from.

So please, remain alert for pedestrians. We’d rather not have to dive into the ditch to avoid being hit.


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