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Pine County offering backyard compost bins and rain barrels


March 12, 2020

Are you looking to conserve resources and help the environment? Pine County is partnering with the Recycling Association of Minnesota this spring to provide a sale of home compost bins ($66+tax) and rain barrels ($79+tax). Orders can be placed online at Supplies are limited, so act fast!

Orders are due by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 17. Once ordered, the bins will be available for pickup at the Pine County Courthouse, Planning, Zoning, and Solid Waste Office, during business hours from 4/21/20 through 4/28/20. Further details are available at the RAM website listed above.

Why Compost? Backyard composting serves as a cost-effective means to save landfill space. Landfills are expensive to operate, create environmental challenges, and are generally undesirable land use in our communities. A 2013 study by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency indicated that approximately 30% of Minnesota’s garbage arriving at landfills consists of organic waste (food scraps, plant material, etc.). This constitutes a tremendous waste of energy, financial resources, and landfill space that could be reduced by composting at Pine County homes.

Why Collect Rain Water? Roofs concentrate rain water, expediting “runoff” and transportation of sediment from lawns, which can cause pollution, particularly for homes near storm sewers, lakes, wetlands, and streams. Additionally, clean water is an increasingly precious commodity. Capturing rain water for slower release to lawns or gardens can save water resources.

Consider participation in this program to help us protect the environment in Pine County. Contact the Pine County Solid Waste Department at 320-216-4220 for questions on the program.


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