By Jack McFarlane
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Mercy Hospital leaves Wilderness Health collaborative


Mercy Hospital was asked to leave Wilderness Health, a collaboration of several rural hospitals working together, which was discussed at the monthly board meeting on February 24. Mercy was asked to leave, effective January 1st, because of a conflict of interest with ongoing discussions between Mercy and Essentia. The hospitals that are part of Wilderness Health are not affiliated with Essentia. Leaving the group was agreed upon as the best option for both parties and the board voted to leave Wilderness Health.

Abram Isaacs, representing the Minnesota Nurses Association, brought some concerns to the board that the registered nurses of Mercy Hospital have with the possible upcoming merger with Essentia. As part of any merger, the nurses would like assurances that essential services be maintained, and that their union and contract will be recognized. Isaacs also questioned the board why it took four months to get information they had requested.

Hospital Board Member Cindy Grimm resigned. The board will not be filling the position at this time.

Scholarships that Mercy Hospital has traditionally given out each year to the four area schools would be honored by Essentia during a potential merger.


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