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Use of deadly force ruled justified


November 7, 2019

The use of deadly force by Sergeant Wornygora in the process of executing a warrant for the arrest of Shawn Olthoff was ruled necessary, justified and authorized by law.

The incident was investigated by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Per BCA protocol, the file was submitted to Carlton County Attorney Lauri Ketola to determine whether the actions of a law enforcement officer were justified and therefore legal under Minnesota Statute Section 609.066. In light of the close working relationship with local law enforcement, Ketola had the matter independently reviewed by retired St. Louis County prosecutor, Vern Swanum.

On July 29, 2019, the Carlton County Consolidated Emergency Response Team (CERT) responded to the home of Shawn Olthoff’s mother in Moose Lake to execute a warrant for his arrest on charges alleging use of deadly force against a peace officer stemming from an incident two days prior in which Olthoff pointed a gun at an officer during a traffic stop and fled on foot. During the execution of the warrant, the CERT team entered the home, deploying a flash bang. Sergeant Warnygora made observations indicating to him that he and his teammates were about to take gunfire. He fired two shots striking Olthoff. Life saving measures were immediately employed. Olthoff sustained non-fatal permanent injuries. Both County Attorney Ketola and attorney Swanum concluded that the use of deadly force by Sergeant Wornygora was necessary, justified and authorized under the law.


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