By Lois E. Johnson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Old school remains in limbo


November 7, 2019

Lois Johnson

People in the community have expressed concern about the old Moose Lake school. There has been no activity at the school for some time.

"We have a great plan for the property," said Craig Anderson of Moose Lake Development, the owners of the school, in a telephone interview recently. "But investment capital is hard to come by."

Anderson explained that construction in the Twin Cities is booming, as is construction in Rochester. Duluth is also experiencing a building boom. Investors are focusing on those areas.

"We are struggling to capture the interest of the investors for remodeling the building in Moose Lake," he explained. "We have great plans for the property. We are ready to begin the day after tomorrow. Moose Lake needs housing. But we need help. It has been difficult to capture that investment."

Anderson spoke about the commuters that travel long distances to come and work in Moose Lake at the two large state facilities, the prison and the sex offender program.

"There are ads on the radio all of the time about hiring more staff for those places," he said. "The plans call for 36 apartments in the old portion of the school. Those employees could live here instead of spending all of that time driving. There is a booming economy in Moose Lake too. We just are having a difficult time getting traction."

Anderson said that the building has been winterized and is being watched.


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