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By Dan Reed
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Estimated price of Presidential Primary rises


October 17, 2019

Auditor/Treasurer Kathy Korteum received Carlton County Board approval to hire a part time election clerk for a job shadow of an Auditor’s clerk who is due to retire. Approval was given up to four months but Korteum said that she expected it to take less time.

The position will cost $4500/month for wages and benefits. The Auditor/Treasurer stated that the cost will be reimbursed by the State for almost all expenses.

“We must be prepared for the new Presidential Primary occurring in March,” observed Korteum. “The cost of the primary was first estimated to cost $3+ million, but now the figure has risen to $12 million.”

Chair Dick Brenner interjected, “The Fond Du Lac Band has had mail in balloting in the past. Now, the Band has asked if a polling place could be situated at the Sawyer Store. It appears that about 180 voters would be affected. No decision has been made but some plan should be worked out by December.”

The County Attorney Lauri Ketola got approval to designate a Chief Deputy for the County Attorney’s Office. The position will be filled from within. She said it fits into the plan of organizing the County Attorney’s Office in which this deputy can make some decisions while the county attorney is not available. There will be some added cost since it creates a position with more responsibility.

Federal Disaster Funding for the 2018 flooding will be accepted for fund reimbursement in the Transportation Department. The affected area was on the eastern part of CSAH 8. Some of the same road area was affected by the September 2019 flooding this fall.

Eric Abrahamson was re-appointed to the Planning Commission. This is his last three year term. John Manninen of Wright was re-appointed to the Board of Adjustment.

The County Board gave approval to sponsor the Wood City Riders Snowmobile Club and the Carlton County Riders ATV Club to maintain the new Caywood Connector to St Louis County between Cloquet and Saginaw with a branch to the Cross Roads Gas Station on Hwy 2 via the site of the old Albrook School.

The scheduled December 10 regular board meeting has a conflict with an AMC conference. The County Board gave approval for the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday December 3 to be changed to the regular board meeting at 4 p.m. with the Truth in Taxation Hearing to follow at 6 p.m.

The County Board has been invited to the Carlton County Association of Township Officers (CCATO) fall meeting on Tuesday, October 22 at 7 p.m. at the Transportation Building.


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