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By Bethany Helwig
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Cardinals swoop down on Rebels


October 10, 2019

Bethany Helwig

Rebels' Ally Jensen-Fichtner goes to serve.

The Rebels volleyball team traveled to Cromwell-Wright on October 1 to take on the undefeated Cardinals.

In the first set, the Cardinals took an early lead, forcing the Rebels to take a timeout. The low ceiling came into play multiple times throughout the game with high bounces rattling in the rafters, forcing both teams to scramble for saves (although the Cardinals were clearly experienced with the exercise since it's their gym). Rebels' Ellen Anderson made a couple killer spikes, and Skyla Thompson scored with a tip over the net. The Rebels did their best to keep the Cardinals at bay, with an impressive duo block by Sarah Christy and Rachel Werner, but the Cardinals took the first set 25-17.

The second set started with a reversal of the first, with the Rebels taking the lead. The Cardinals had a couple of volleys that could only be described as "effective flailing" with no clear bumps, sets, or spikes but they still managed to keep the ball afloat and back to the Rebels. A few volleys later, the Rebels repeated the procedure. The Cardinals crept up on the scoreboard but the Rebels held the lead. The Cardinals took two timeouts, but Rebels won the set 19-25.

The Rebels took the early lead again in the third. Rebels' DonnaMae Smith made a nice save out of the net. The Cardinals again began to creep up in points. One of the Cardinals' powerful spikes met a solid block by Rebels' Anderson with a sound that can only be described as an unstoppable force hitting an immovable object. The Cardinals upped their spiking game and inched past the Rebels who called a timeout with the score 3 points apart. A wild ball flew into the stands (which this reporter caught). Rebels' Maddy Prachar spiked for another point, but the Cardinals took the win 25-19.

The fourth set had a lot of good footwork by both teams. The Rebels kept it tied up to 9-9. When the Cardinals began to pull ahead once more, the Rebels called a timeout. Rebels' Ally Jensen-Fichtner made a sliding dig and the spectators "oohed" at the close, near save. The Cardinals powered through to take the set 25-15, and with that, three set wins for the game.

For the Rebels, DonnaMae Smith had 25 set assists and 4 digs; Ellen Anderson had 2 blocks and 11 kills; Sarah Christy had 2 blocks, 1 kill, and 2 aces; Rachel Werner had 3 kills and 2 aces; and Ally Jensen-Fichtner had 11 digs.


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