By Bethany Helwig
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Fated rivals: Rebels v. Bombers


October 3, 2019

Dan Lingle

Rebels' Ellen Anderson goes for the spike with a block made by Bombers' Reese Miletich.

The MLWR Rebels hosted the Barnum Bombers on September 24 for a Thursday night of long-standing rivalry volleyball play.

The Bombers took the first point in the first set, but the Rebels were quick to join in with points of their own. The score came up to 6-4 when there was a stall as the referee spoke with the scorekeepers. A missed point was added to the board, bringing it to 6-5. The game resumed with the Bombers and Rebels trading points and keeping the score mostly even. The Bombers had some resounding blocks at the net and the Rebels had good footwork on the court. Rebels' Ellen Anderson and the Bombers' Lacie O'Leary both made powerhouse spikes. Rebels' Ally Jensen-Fichtner serving streak brought the score to 25-18, the Rebels taking the first set.

In the second set, the Bombers charged ahead. After a number of long volleys, the Rebels called a timeout with the score 3-9. The Rebels couldn't regain ground as the Bombers' Reese Miletich carried out a forceful serving streak, bringing the score to 8-17. The Rebels scrambled to save wild balls-one going into the rafters and knocking a light-but the Bombers remained steadfast and won the set 12-25.

The third set saw a number of long volleys with excellent teamwork from both the Rebels and Bombers. The Bombers changed their tactics to focus on throwing up defensive blocks whenever Rebels' Anderson went up for a spike. The Rebels took a timeout with the score 5-12. They reentered the game reinvigorated, with Rebels' Skyla Thompson making a killer spike. Rebels' DonnaMae Smith brought the score up to 10-15 with her serving streak. A wild ball went sailing into the stands and hit an unsuspecting spectator in the head. The Rebels kept up the pressure until the Bombers called a timeout at 18-23. The Bombers ended up winning the set 21-25.

In the fourth set, the Bombers once again pulled ahead and drew out their lead to 9-16. Rebels' Anderson snuck past the Bombers' defenses and made a number of kills, one after another. Bombers' O'Leary answered with a spike kill of her own but Anderson kept it up. Rebels' Smith went to serve, bringing the score up to 17-22 at which point the Bombers' called a timeout. The Rebels fought to close the gap with some impressive one-armed saves but the Bombers kept them at bay, winning the set 22-25 and the game with their third set win.

For the Rebels: DonnaMae Smith had 12 digs, 27 set assists, and 1 ace; and Ellen Anderson had 17 kills and 3 blocks.

For the Bombers: Reese Miletich had 11 kills, 10 digs, and 3 aces; Brooke Doran had 32 set assists, 8 digs, and 3 aces; Olivia Bogenholm had 9 kills, 8 digs, and 2 aces; and Lacie O'Leary had 9 kills, 3 set assists, 14 digs, and 1 ace.


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