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By Dan Lingle
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Bombers squeak past the Bluestreaks


October 3, 2019

Dan Lingle

Barnum football would again host the battle on the gridiron, welcoming the Chisholm Bluestreaks onto the Bomber field on September 27. The Bluestreaks won the coin toss and chose to kick off to the Bombers.

The Bombers started the night off taking the ball at the 20 yard line as the Bluestreaks kicker dropped the ball into the end zone on his opening kick. The Bombers began to move the ball but were held back by the Bluestreaks' defense and were forced to punt the ball away after just a few plays. The Bluestreaks took control of the ball and soon were forced to punt the ball away as neither team's offense found much luck making their way into the end zone.

The Bombers were the first to strike as they finally snaked through the Bluestreaks' defense to score with the 2-point conversion successful. The Bluestreaks answered back as they began to put the ball into the air and found room to head to the end zone. They soon scored, but the 2-point conversion failed. Soon the Bombers would again find themselves driving down the field to score with a successful 2-pont conversion, giving them a 16-6 lead.

The Bluestreaks however would not be out of the game yet as they too would soon find room to move the ball down the field. The Bluestreaks pounded the ball into the end zone with their 2-point conversion a success, 16-14. The Bombers took control of the ball and began to move up the field. However the Bluestreaks' defense would soon put a halt to the Bombers' attack. The Bluestreaks forced the Bombers to give up the ball, and then the Bluestreaks offense went to an air game once again and found room to move the ball. The Bluestreaks knocked on the door but with time running down, the Bombers found a way to break through the front line to get enough pressure on the Bluestreaks' quarterback, forcing him to throw a bad pass that failed to make its mark.

The game ended with the Bombers getting the ball back and their quarterback taking a knee to let time run out, giving the Bombers their first win of the season.


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