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By CBS 3 Meteorologist Dave Anderson
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Warm spells may outnumber cold snaps in October


October 3, 2019

Every now and then online, I stumble across a picture of a bald TV reporter from the early 70's I recognize and it takes a few seconds to realize it is Dennis Anderson before he got his first toupee. I remember his first day with the rug. Weatherman Jack McKenna gave him such a hard time about it! Years later, news anchor Michelle Lee bought one of Denny's old toupees at a celebrity charity auction. You can now see it at the mini local broadcasting museum at the Toy Galaxy store near the mall in Duluth.

As well as being in a museum, Dennis is now in the Minnesota broadcasting hall of fame, too, as of last month. That's a well deserved tribute to a legend. Once in a while, I run into the legend at places like Fleet Farm in Hermantown. I tell him that at least once a week someone calls me Dennis instead of Dave. It just happened again the other day at Carr's Hobby in Duluth. I asked Denny once if anyone ever calls him Dave. He says no.

Mistaken identity like that is common in the weather world. For example, harmless scud clouds under a storm cloud are often confused with dangerous pre-tornadic wall clouds. This past September, we did have some tornado trouble even though the month turned out to be cooler than normal when averaged out. September's departure from normal mean temperature was minus 0.6 of a degree. Using that data and the numbers from the rest of the year, 2019 so far has a departure from normal of minus 0.16 degree.

How will we fare in October? This month should have its ups and downs but there may enough warm weather to turn October's departure from normal to the positive. The 1st to 3rd should be sunny and mild, the 4th to 7th should be rainy and cool, the 8th to 15th may be cool enough for flurries but the 16th to 21st could come up sunny and warm, the 22nd to 24th may be rainy and mild but the 25th to 31st could be cold with snow showers. Flashback to 1991 anyone?

In general, despite a few threats of flurries, the month should be warmer than normal by 4 degrees. Rain totals, though, may be a half inch shy of normal.

Last month, one of the almanacs made a prediction of a bitterly cold winter with plenty of snow coming. However, one of the other almanacs is going the other way. It says that winter temperatures will be above normal with below normal snow. The coldest periods will be in early and mid January and from late January to early February and then in late February to early and mid March. The best snow chances will be in early and mid January plus early February through early and mid-March. Of course, any of this coming true remains to be seen.


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