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By Peggy Granquist
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Rebel runners compete in Grand Rapids and Milaca


September 26, 2019

The ML/WR/Barnum Cross Country team ran in two separate races this past week. Tuesday (Sept 17th) they were in Grand Rapids at the Paul Bauer Invitational. It was a hot and muggy day but the runners gave it their all with a “no quit” attitude.

The Rebels competed in 4 different races. The Jr High girls, Jr High boys, JV/Varsity boys (one race) and JV/Varsity girls (one race). The Jr High boys ran a 3.2 kilometer (1.98 miles) race: Josh Anderson finished in 8th place with a time of 12:43.3, Chet Giersdorf-Thompson finished 34th with a time of 14:10.4, Max Petry finished 60th with a time of 16:14:4, Levi Anderson was 65th at 17:38.7 and Ray Langhorst was 72nd at 22:32.3. In the JH girls meet, Addison Geil finished 29th with a time of 16:58.1, Brooklyn Peterson (31st) with a time of 17:17.1, Addie Hanson (38th) at 18:27.2, and Brynn Kamp at 19:03.5. No team scores were kept for the Jr. High race.

In the girls JV, Elle Nielsen was the top Rebel runner in 6th place with a time of 26:39.1, Kyra Heaton was 8th at 27:2.9, Delaney Koecher (11th) with a time of 27:32.5, Lillia Jordan (12th) 27:46.0, Katherine Geil (15th) 30:17.3, Kelly Crump (22nd) 32:21.7, and Anna Molis (24th) 34:40.5. The boys JV runners were: (overall) 1st place went to Joseph Mikrot (20:19.6), Everett Fitzimmons (5th) 20:52.6, Elliot Wasche (9th) 21:22.1, Everett Gamst (12th) 21:32.8, Ryden Anderson (16th) 22:23.5, Daniel Mikrot (17th) 22:38.7, Carl Halverson (20th) 23:03.6, Anson Vargo (39th) 26:55.1, and Kellen Harder (48th) 31:56.1. No team scores were kept for the JV races.

Varsity girls runners were: (overall finishers) Coriella Sheetz (9th) 21:42.7, Lilly Petty (14th) 22:41.8, Shannon Granquist (25th) 23:52.2, Kelli Granquist (27th) 24:00.4, Savannah Gamst (31st) 24:28.9, Laya Danelski (41st) 25:14.7 and JoJo Fossum (49th) 26:19.2. Team finished 5th.

Varsity boys included Maverick Koecher finishing 15th (18:39.1), Johnny Danelski (23rd) 19:20.5, Tan Dipman (29th) 19:34.3, Shawn Bailey (30th) 19:38.2, Chance Lunde (44th) 20:09.4, Sam Stadin (47th) 20:12.9, Connor Clausen (48th) 20:13.4. Team finished 4th!

On Saturday Sept. 21, the Rebel runners ran in the Milaca Mega Meet, the largest single day high school cross country meet in the world in Milaca, MN. It was the total opposite to the Grand Rapids meet in that it was cooler, but muddy and sloppy making it a difficult run for most, but everyone persevered and due to a weather delay, all runners ran a 5k (even the Jr. High runners-they typically run a shorter race). The meet ran anywhere from 7th grade (boys and girls) to varsity in 4 different divisions depending on the size of the school. The total number of runners was over 5,000.

Seventh grade girls lone runner was Brooklyn Peterson, finishing 178th /221 with a time of 31:39.8. The 7th grade boys had 4 runners. Elliot Wasche finished 11th (21:08.1), Chet Giersdorf-Thompson (129th) 25:34.6, Ray Langhorst (197th) 27:45.3 and Max Petry (249th) 29:46.1/297.

Eighth grade girls came in 11th place as a team and included Elle Nielsen (84th) 26:45.8, Lillia Jordan (96th) 27:17.5, Addison Geil (147th) 29:49.7, Addie Hanson (172nd) 31:09.6, Jocelyn Mundell (182nd) 32:32.6, and Brynn Kamp (186th) 33:21.0/203. Team finished 11th.

Gavin Thiry and Kellen Harder ran the 9th grade boys race and finished 226th and 417th respectively with times of 23:24.3 and 34:10.3. Anna Molis ran in the 10th grade girls race and finished 243 with a time of 37:36.2. JV girl runners were Kyra Heaton (162nd) 26:35.1, Katherine Geil (350th) 30:14.6 and Kelly Crump (466th) 34:51.1. JV boys finished as at team 29th with Joseph Mikrot being the top Rebel runner at 134th place with a time of 20:59.4, Everett Fitzsimmons (138th) 21:00.7, Everett Gamst (266th) 22:18.9, Ryden Anderson (324th) 22:58.2, Daniel Mikrot (342th) 23:05.4, Carl Halverson (400th) 23:37.9, and Anson Vargo (603rd) 26:40.9.

Varsity girls finished 18th as a team with Coriella Sheetz being the top Rebel runner at 51st place with a time of 22:48.2, Lilly Petty (67th) 23:15.2, Shannon Granquist (93rd) 24:04.4, Kelli Granquist (97th) 24:14.8, Laya Danelski (140th) 25:26.7, and JoJo Fossom (150th) 25:43:5. Varsity boys finished 11th with Maverick Koecher being the top Rebel runner in 35th place with a time of 18:50.5, Johnny Danelski (54th) 19:18.8, Shawn Bailey (67th) 19:33.4, Tan Dipman (95th) 20:11.7, Chance Lunde (106th) 20:27.9, Sam Stadin (127th) 20:53.3 and Connor Clausen (137th) 21:05.4.

“We were really happy with our younger runners who had to run their first 5k due to weather forcing officials to combine their races with the 9th grade 5k,” said Coach Whalen. “They really performed well! Our other athletes managed well considering they had to run on another water soaked course. Definitely some big positives to take away from Milaca.”

Next up for the varsity Rebels is the Roy Griak Invitational in St. Paul, MN. Griak is a college meet but high school varsity teams are invited to compete after the college portion is completed.


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