By Lois E. Johnson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Barnum welcomes new high school principal


September 26, 2019

Lois Johnson

Barnum's new high school principal, Gregg Campbell.

Gregg Campbell has come home. He is the new high school principal for the Barnum School District.

"I married into the Barnum School District and both of our children are students at the Barnum Elementary School," he said in a recent interview.

Campbell had been the high school principal at the Willow River School District before the position at Barnum opened. He said that he had been in Willow River for seven years and was the high school principal for the last three years.

"I expected to stay in Willow River forever," he said. "It was a great community and we had great support there."

However, the position at Barnum opened shortly before school started.

"The timeline wasn't good for anyone," he said. "I should have been here well before the teachers came back."

But leaving Willow River was not easy.

"I thought about it long and hard," said Campbell. "But this was my chance to be at the school where my kids will graduate from. The time goes so fast. Before we know it, they will be out the door and onto to other things. I couldn't pass it up."

Campbell is no stranger to the Barnum High School.

"I was a long-term substitute teacher here for nine weeks seven years ago," he said. "I taught Social Studies and drivers ed. The nice thing about this school is that the staff stays. A lot of the people that were here seven years ago are still here. There has got to be something that holds them here. I've always been impressed with this school. It is always a positive experience to be here."

Campbell started at Barnum at the beginning of the school year.

"I still haven't figured out what all of my keys are for," he said. "It's a humbling experience to me. I went from figuring out that I knew most everything to not knowing anything. It is like I tell the students, try everything, don't put yourself in a box. There are so many options for kids."

Campbell had high praise for parents and volunteers that help out with the students.

"I see adults that volunteer their time for hockey," he said. "My daughter is a hockey addict. That's hard to beat. There are many other options for the students: sports, theater and music programs."

Campbell spoke about Dylan Reed-Fuglestad, the new vocal teacher at Barnum, who had been teaching music in Willow River for the last two years.

"We hated to lose him at Willow River," he said. "I ended up following him. There are three teachers here who were in his graduating class. That says something about the school."

As he looks back to Willow River, Campbell is not worried about his replacement.

"I was very happy with the staff and Mr. Peel (the superintendent)," he said. "I have no worries about them taking care of the students."

As he looks forward to his future in Barnum, Campbell said that he is very happy to be there.

"The decision to leave Willow River for Barnum High School was difficult because of the overwhelming support I was shown there," he said. "But the opportunity to lead the high school from which my children will someday graduate was one I could not pass up. I am excited and humbled to join the amazing staff at BHS and support the students in my home district."


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