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By Bethany Helwig
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Indomitable spirit

From the Editor


September 19, 2019

Okay, I’m talking about volleyball again; or rather, the things at a volleyball game that don’t necessarily go into the sports articles.

If you’ve ever gone to a sporting event, you know that there will be people cheering in the stands and there are usually cheerleaders. However, if you go to a Rebels home game, you’ll get to enjoy the cheers led by the football team. Seriously. I was simultaneously engrossed in the game while laughing at the cheers the boys came up with. They sit in a big group in the corner of the gym (I’m assuming after they are done with their own practice) and they go all out. Their spirit is infectious. They have their usual “OOOOOOHHH” while the Rebels’ server is preparing to go and end with a resounding “OOUMM!” when they actually serve. It’s amusing when the preparation takes longer than expected so the football players are running out of air trying to continue the chant before the serve.

They like to mix it up too. Recently, one of them shouted “ARCHERS!” while the rest drew their invisible bows and then “FIRE!” when the ball was served. They also began shouting “HEY” on the first bump by the Rebels, then “HO” on the next, and finally “LET’S GO!” on the third hit. Do yourself a favor. Go to a home game.


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