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By Peggy Granquist
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ML/WR/Barnum cross country team brings home some hardware


September 12, 2019

Peggy Granquist

On Saturday, September 7, the ML/WR/Barnum cross country teams competed in the Copper Falls invitational in Mellen, WI. All the teams competed and either brought home some trophies or were honored for placing in the meet.

The varsity and junior varisty boys took first place in each of their events and the junior high boys placed 4th.

The varsity boys team consists of Tan Dipman, Jonathan Danelski, Maverick Koecher, Sam Stadin, Connor Clausen, Shawn Bailey, and Chance Lunde. The JV team consists of Joseph Mikrot, Everett Fitzismmons, Everett Gamst, Gavin Thiry, Ryden Anderson, Carl Halverson, Daniel Mikrot, and Kellen Falter. The junior high team consist of Elliot Washe, Josh Anderson, and Chet Giersdorf-Thompson

Individually, Maverick Koecher placed 4th, Johnathan Danelski 11th, Tan Dipman 12th, Chance Lunde 18th, Shawn Bailey 21st, Connor Clausen 29th, and Sam Stadin 33rd. For the JV, Joseph Mikrot was 1st, Everett Fitzsimmons 2nd, Everett Gamst 4th, Gavin Thiry 6th, Ryden Anderson 8th, Carl Halverson 11th, Daniel Mikrot 13th, and Kellen Falter 37th. Junior high's Elliot Washe was 5th, Josh Anderson 7th, and Chet Giersdorf-Thompson 35th.

Peggy Granquist

The varsity and junior high girls all took 2nd place in their prospective races. Varsity team consists of Coriella Sheetz, Kelli Granquist, Savannah Gamst, Laya Danelski, Rayna Klejeski, JoJo Fossom, and Delany Koecher. JV team is Kyra Heaton, Katherine Geil, Kelly Crump, and Anna Mollis

Coriella Sheetz was the top runner for the girls placing 2nd in the varsity race. Savannah Gamst was 19th, Laya Daneleski 22nd, Rayna Klejeski 23rd, JoJo Fossom 27th, and Delaney Koecher 44th. For the JV, Kyra Heaton was 1st, Katherine Geil 7th, Kelly Crump 10th, and Anna Mollis 11th.

Jr. High runners were Lilly Petty who placed 3rd, Shannon Granquist 4th, Lillia Jordan 22nd, Elle Nielsen 24th, Addison Geil 44th, Addie Hansen 50th, Jocelyn Mundell 51st, and Brynn Kamp 56th.

Varsity and JV don't run again until September 17 in Grand Rapids and Saturday the 21st at the Milaca Mega Meet.


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