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By CBS 3 Meteorologist Dave Anderson
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Predictions for August are cooler temps


August 1, 2019

An old farmer I know passed away and my part of the inheritance was a big box of old almanacs dating back to 1925. There were plenty of Farmers and Old Farmers Almanacs and several other lesser known books. The 1925 Swamp Root Almanac came from the Carlton Drug Company, the 1948 DeLaval was from Barnum Hardware (phone 38), the 48 Rexall with Perry Mason’s Barbara Hale on the cover was issued by Kinney’s Pharmacy in Carlton, the 69 NARD was picked up from West End Rexall in Cloquet 50 years ago, the 46 DeLaval is from Cloquet Cooperative Society #4 in Mahtowa, and the 1940 Ford Almanac came from Cloquet Auto and Supply Company on Cloquet Avenue.

I was just reading about the accuracy of annual almanacs. Statisticians say the Farmers Almanac is 50% accurate and the Old Farmers is 52% accurate. I'm not knocking either of them because my meteorology program 25 years ago only taught me to forecast out seven days. If I tried to do a whole month or year on my own, I'd be lucky to be 50% accurate, too.

These forecasts I make every month are an amalgam of data from two of those almanacs and what NOAA says. That formula says for August, the warm spell of June and July could come to an end . The long range forecasters feel August will average two degrees cooler than normal and a dry spell will make rain totals one inch shy of norm.

That may be a relief to some of us who may have struggled with the heat of July. It was 6.2 degrees warmer than normal! So far, 2019 has had three months warmer than normal and four colder than normal. Averaged together, year to date then has us running 0.25 degree cooler than normal.

Here are the suspected trends for August 2019: the 1st to 7th should be sunny and cool, the 8th to 13th, though, could be hot and stormy, the 14th to 24th should be cool and showery with the 25th to 31st entering a dry spell with cooler than normal temperatures again.

To see if these predicted trends actually come true, please keep an eye on CBS 3 TV or Also, feel free to slap a “like” on the meteorologist Dave Anderson page on Facebook for a free short term forecast issued afternoons Monday to Friday.


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