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By Wick Fisher
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And this is my room

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Wick Fisher

Mom, Dad, and the realtor made a mad dash for the basement. A blood-curdling scream had just emanated from the bowels of our soon-to-be former dream home in Eagan. The premature demise of the prospective buyer's nine-year-old daughter stood in the way of closing the deal. Or did it?

The scream was one of pure ecstasy as the future had just unfolded before a young girl's eyes. It was her reaction to the 1,000 sq. ft. bedroom that sealed the deal . . . at least in her eyes and ours. Only Mom and Dad needed convincing.

"We are buying this house and this is my room!" the young girl exclaimed.

Nothing could have pleased us more. Although this house was built to raise a young family, children had yet to reside here. The original owners built their retirement home large enough to accommodate the grandchildren. We bought the place, not only for the remarkable beauty of the house and setting, but also would utilize it to have room for our three sons and their spouses during their annual trip back home to Minnesota. To say it has worked out rather well for all involved would be an understatement. What remained was that our dream (and the 9 year-old's) of selling our home to a young family be fulfilled.

Let's admit it. When selling one's home, the real bottom line is all about the bucks. It is probably more important to get your asking price than it is to find the appropriate tenant. But it certainly doesn't hurt to shoot for both. We managed to accomplish just that when we sold our long-time family home on Sand Lake. The new buyers gave us our price and we gave them their dream home they could enjoy. It was rather ironic that the buyers were such a good fit. They had three sons, as did we. They also had two small dogs, as did we. They loved the swimming, boating, fishing, and nightly campfires, as did we. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. There was an added layer of satisfaction knowing someone had just purchased your home and would love and cherish it as much as you did. Maybe lightning would strike twice.

Should we, and the young girl, both get our wishes, this sale and the subsequent move to be near our children in San Diego could hardly have been much easier. The part that wasn't so easy was the preparation leading up to getting the house on the market. My best friend, who has been Johnny-on-the-spot forever, was suddenly no longer available for the minor carpentry associated with getting a home sale-ready. He had his own issues to deal with; specifically, replacing his home that was destroyed by fire. Dating to the mid-1800s, his had been the oldest remaining house in Chamberlain, South Dakota. By summer's end, it would be the newest. What that meant for us, was this: a lot of 15-hour days of preparing the house for sale. A lot of 15-hour days sorting, discarding and packing our crap accumulated over a half-century of conjugal living.

They say the joy is in the journey. It is best to look at it in that light.

California, here we come!


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