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By Bethany Helwig
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

The volunteer crisis

From the Editor


There has been a disturbing trend as of late in our small town communities. Events that once drew in crowds and fueled our local businesses are suffering and even being cancelled. There is no Willow River Days this year. Cromwell cancelled their Harvest Fest. It’s looking even more dubious as to whether or not other events will keep going.

Event committees are growing smaller and tired. Not enough people are stepping up to run events. Those that do are taxed by the heavy burdens they shoulder without much support. Then even if there are people to lead, they may fall short of the needed volunteers.

Without those events to draw people in, small businesses have been taking the toll.

So what is the true problem? And better yet, what is the solution?

I’ve been pondering these two questions for a while now. The more involved and familiar I get with the community, the more I want to help with the growing unease that what makes our city great may fade away without help.

I’d love to hear what our readers have to say on the subject. If we put our heads together, what solutions can we come up with? How do we draw business to our local area? How do we sustain and keep what we already have?

I’ll keep thinking on it. In the meantime, I’ll be volunteering at the Moose Lake Triathlon this weekend.


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