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By Bethany Helwig
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Development coming to Sturgeon Lake


At the regular meeting of the Sturgeon Lake city council on July 11, Councilor Rick Lewis informed the council that he was working on a housing development project east of the Embassy on Green Leaf Road, starting with a triplex in September and later a duplex. Initially the five units would be rented, but he is working with a surveyor to plat the area so they could be sold as condos in the future. Lewis would be speaking with City Employee Scott Helfman, who was not in attendance at the meeting, concerning a building permit. He plans on having the units available for individuals age 55+ and the buildings will be handicap accessible.

“We appreciate you bringing development to the city,” commented Councilor Adam Langhorst.

The new computers for the city hall are now up and running. The technicians who installed them also recommended updating the network routers, due to potential security risks, and the phones. The council passed a motion approving the quote to update those items.

New City Clerk Loralea Beede-Slocum reported that she and Deputy Clerk Kathleen Bennett have been busy bringing the city’s paperwork up to date and correcting issues they come across.

Councilor Marsha Helfman presented a list of job duties for the city clerk and treasurer based on information from the League of Minnesota Cities. Treasurer Kathy Lake didn’t want to comment on the list. Mayor Todd Danelski pointed out that some duties overlap.

“There’s been such a blurred line here because they have not run things according to state statute,” said Clerk Beede-Slocum. “One of the things I said when I was interviewed was that was the council willing to do things according to state statute? Because it just gets to be too much of a mess if it’s not ran that way.”

Councilor Adam Langhorst suggested the list of duties be discussed with staff at a later time.

In other business, the council approved to renew JJ’s Bottle Shop’s liquor license.

A motion was passed to purchase a new DR trimmer for public works.

The council discussed needing to reword the blight ordinance per the city attorney’s opinion, and the correct procedure they needed to follow for special assessments on properties.

They are in the process of getting in touch with a contractor to repair the fire hall, and Councilor Adam Langhorst requested that the doors of the fire hall also be replaced.

The Annual Fire Meeting was tentatively scheduled for August 12th.

National Night Out will be on August 6th at the City Park.

The next regular meeting of the city council is scheduled for August 8 at 6 p.m.


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