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By Lois E. Johnson
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Barnum considers storage containers


Charles Young met with the Barnum City Council on June 10 once again to request that he be able to place storage containers on his business property on the east side of Barnum in the Industrial Park.

The city has an ordinance banning storage containers on properties in the city. It has been said that people have used the containers as garages and for storage on their properties but that they are unsightly.

This is the second time that Young has made the request to the council. He explained that he has a storage business across the road and north of the high school. He wants to expand the storage space by adding 12 storage units. The added units would be painted to match the storage building and not seen from the road. Brush would block the view from Chickadee's, a nearby restaurant, he said.

“I'm the only neighbor on the other side,” said Young. “The building inspector has looked at my proposal and has no problem with it if it were on my home property in the township.”

Young had explained that purchasing the storage units would be much less expensive than constructing another storage building. The storage units would be new.

“It would cost me double if I put up a building,” he said. “I'm trying to improve my business. I cater to customers from the local area, the Cities, Duluth, and from out of state.”

There is a storage unit behind another building in the Industrial Park, he pointed out.

The property where his business is located is zoned C-2, he explained. He asked if the ordinance could be changed to allow storage containers in the commercial zone only.

Mayor Jason Goodwin was reluctant to allow Young to place storage containers on his property and restrict containers from other properties.

“It's very difficult to give one person permission and not another,” he said.

Bernadine Reed, the city clerk, said that the council could not give a wavier to allow the storage containers.

“The council can't pick and choose,” she said. “You have to change the ordinance for that zone.”

Goodwin finally agree to look at the ordinance to determine if it could be changed to allow storage containers for the commercial zone. But he was still hesitant to make changes.

“I'm not sure that we can write the ordinance the way that I want to write it,” he said. “I will explore a change in the ordinance.”

The request was tabled.

A motion was passed to continue the contract with the Barnum School District for maintenance of the RJM Park for another three years. The city and school district operate the park in partnership.

Goodwin said that the city manages the funds for upkeep of the park. The tennis courts had recently been updated, he said, and the city paid the expenses.

Eric Pellinen, the manager of the Barnum Municipal Liquor Store, reported that the income had increased by $4,500 compared to last year during Spring Fever Days.

“We raised the prices to pay for the entertainment,” he said. “People stayed. There were no problems. The Moose Lake Brewery loaned us boards and bags for a bean bag tournament and provided prizes.”

The council discussed replacing the siren once again but made no decision. Fire Chief Corey Hurst had told the council in May that there may be funds that could be provided by the fire department but no one had looked into the amount that could be donated towards the siren.

The council passed a motion to authorize Reed to apply for a grant from Enbridge for the siren.

In other business, the council approved a motion to accept the bid from Greg Larson Construction in the amount of $8,740 to replace the roof on the shower building at the Bear Lake Campground; approved a gambling permit for a gun raffle from the Fire Relief Association; approved an ad in the Carlton County Fair book for $700; and passed a motion for a three-year agreement with HM Cragg for preventative maintenance for a generator for the water and sewer system.

The next meeting of the council was set for Monday, July 8, at 6 p.m.


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