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By Lois E. Johnson
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Moose Lake School Board committee reviews projects


The list of needed projects was discussed at the Moose Lake Facilities Committee meeting on Wednesday, June 5.

The list includes: softball field, lawn mowing equipment, a new handicap accessible portable stage, security cameras in the early childhood wing, school forest/cross country trail system, stairs to access the top of the sound booth in the auditorium, sound to stage connection for the computer, perimeter fencing for the football field, grandstand with a press box and fiber optic cable, field goal posts, caps for the existing fencing at the baseball field, benches for the dugouts, batting cage and bullpen, stadium lighting, event parking with lights, ECFE playground, fiber optic line to the garage, sports complex-cloverleaf, complete computer lab, screen for chiller, scrubber for the hallways, wainscoting for the locker room hallway, soundproof band and choir rooms and a van.

Many of the projects had been included on the plans for the bond referendum that failed to pass.

Superintendent Robert Indihar said that the school has about $200,000 in funds that can be used for some of the projects. The committee members discussed priorities.

He spoke about several items that were a priority: stairs in the auditorium, a cable from the sound booth to the stage in the auditorium, benches for the dugouts, the handicap accessible stage, cameras in the early childhood wing, a screen for the chiller to prevent airborne debris from getting into the system and shutting it down, and a zero turn mower that would be faster in mowing large areas, such as the football and baseball fields.

Indihar went on to say that the early childhood playground was a priority for many parents that he has heard from. He said that he foresees fundraising for the project, such as from community organizations, for the equipment for the playground.

The grandstand/press box and softball fields, as well as the parking lot, were big ticket items, he said. So was the batting cage. The cloverleaf fields and fiber optic cable to the garage could be delayed for now.

The floor in the computer room needs to be tiled. Indihar explained that the room had been used for storage during construction and hadn’t been completed. It was not in the plan to be used for a computer room but now needs to be completed.

Purchase of a scrubber for the hallways can be delayed. Soundproofing for the band and choir rooms is needed. A van is needed but there is probably funding for it, he added.

The committee members discussed the abatement bonds for building the parking lot but no decision was made. It was said that the parking lot, even with just Class 5 gravel on it, would still be very costly. Drainage is part of that project.

Indihar said that he would get an estimate from Peterson Companies, the contractor for the athletic fields, for construction of the parking lot. It was recommended that he get estimates from Kiminski Blacktopping for the project.

Indihar was also directed to get more firm estimates for the other projects.

There was discussion about holding the bond referendum again but it was decided not to hold it until next year.

A parent attended the meeting to once again ask the committee members and the board to consider not installing the small cell antennas across the road from the school because of the effects of radiation from the antennas on the children.

She said that there is a 58-page document from the World Health Organization about recent tests that have found that small children’s cognitive abilities are affected by radiation from cell antennas and towers.

She said that she represents a dozen families with those concerns.

Indihar said that he had talked with someone from Verizon, the company that is going to install the antennas, and was told that the school could not get out of the contract. However, the installation could be delayed indefinitely.

The antennas would bring better cell phone reception to the school, it was said.

There was a concern about emergency personnel having a signal if they responded to an emergency at the school.

Jamie Jungers, who is on the committee and a police officer, said that he would check with other officers and emergency personnel and see how many of them have Verizon as a cell service provider.

More information will be brought to future meetings.

The committee members took a walk out behind the school to view the area for the proposed gazebo and walking paths, brought to the board by Tracy Kill, the art instructor.

She said that some of the grant funds for the project have been received but more are pending.

There were two areas under consideration for the project. One area is in the corner between the art/science wing and the high school classrooms wing, and the other site was across the drive to the back of the school, between the storage building and the track.

Jungers favored the site farther from the school building. He said that having the door from the classroom unlocked for the students to access the area would be a security issue. There was also a concern about a distraction for students in the classrooms who could see other students out in that area through the windows. Vandalism would also be less of an issue on the site farther from the school, was one comment.

More discussion will take place at the monthly meeting of the school board on Monday, June 17 at 6 p.m.


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