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By Bethany Helwig
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

From the Editor


I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Moose Lake Public Library for an Author Chat event along with Dean Hovey (author of the Pine County Mystery series) and Eric Bergman (author of Addie Braver). Unfortunately, Tiffany Lonetto was unable to attend.

I always get nervous before doing an event like this. I tend to talk too fast and forget everything I planned to say once the time comes to say it. It’s always been easier for me to convey my words through text rather than speech.

However, I wasn’t expecting how refreshing it was to talk with other authors. I’ve spoken frequently with readers, fans, and critics at events and shows, but it’s an entirely different experience when conversing with writers because they get it. I’m not saying I dislike speaking with readers (they are some of the best people in the universe and I love them). I’m saying it’s nice to talk to someone about your characters taking the reins of the story out of your hands and not have that person look at you like you’re crazy.

Other writers understand that the best ideas for books come to you when you’re washing dishes, just about to fall asleep, or walking to Target with no way to write down the brilliant thought that suddenly struck you.

They’ve been through the muddy trenches of revisions and editing, pulled out hair trying to meet deadlines, and binged their way through so much caffiene they could start hearing colors.

Writers know that just because you’re the one writing a character, doesn’t mean you have control over what they do sometimes.

We can share the experience of crying while writing a poignant scene or saying farewell to a character forever.

We’ve felt the thrill of writing the last sentence of a story and celebrated in a number of crazy ways, like running circles outside around the house or even getting into a tub full of marshmallows (author Veronica Roth has shared video evidence of doing it).

Each of us has struggled with criticism aimed at our poor, perfect babies (a/k/a our novels), but we’ve hopefully learned to distinguish between good and bad feedback.

Talking with other writers reminds you that you aren’t crazy for dedicating yourself to such a time consuming passion.

So, I’d like to thank Eric Bergman and Dean Hovey for sharing their stories with me. I had a wonderful time talking shop with other authors and hope to do it again in the future.


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