By Lois E. Johnson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Improvements made to Moose Lake city park


City Administrator Tim Peterson reported that many improvements have been made to the city park. First National Bank, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, had a crew of employees that assembled and furnished 15 new picnic tables for the park, replaced the stove and refrigerator and will replace the water heater in the pavilion, as well as replacing the electrical system. They also fixed the incorrect spelling of pavilion on the end of the building, and now are in the process of staining the wooden playground equipment. The city had approved replacing the roof with steel panels, and that job has been completed, he added.

“It looks really nice,” he said.

Mayor Ted Shaw reported that the Public Works Superintendent, Phil Entner, had a contractor paint the benches in Veterans’ Park.

Doug Host of the auditing firm of Clifton, Larson and Allen, gave a report about the annual audit of the city’s finances to the council.

He told the council that the city’s net worth had improved during 2018.

“You have eight months of reserves in the Fund Balance,” he told the council. “Last year it was just shy of seven months. That indicates stable finances.”

The Municipal Liquor Store has completed six years in a row where the net revenue has exceeded expenses, he said. It was a good year for the Liquor Fund.

Other balances in the various funds also had revenues exceeding expenses, he said. That was not the case in the Motor Vehicle Fund.

Peterson said that the problem is that the city doesn’t have much control over that department. It is controlled by the state.

“From a financial standpoint, the city has had a pretty good 2018,” Host concluded.

Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm reported that the Chris Hawkey concert on May 4 at Riverside Arena was well organized and a great concert during his report at the Moose Lake City Council meeting on Thursday, May 16. The concert attendance was 475.

He also reported that it had been a busy week with several search warrants involving controlled substances and stolen property that had to be investigated. He added that Jamie Jungers, the department’s talented investigator, has investigated 100 cases to date.

Bogenholm told the council about Firstnet, a communications system for public safety. The cell phone provider works with public safety agencies in an emergency to keep communication channels open. The council approved the $42 a month charge for the service.

Mike Buetow, a local contractor, met with the council to request access to his gravel pit on 50 feet of the road to Sunset Cemetery. The request had been brought to the Cemetery Board meeting and discussed. Councilors Walt Lower and Kris Huso upheld the board’s recommendation to not allow Buetow access on cemetery property.

In other business, the council: approved hiring Angela Entner for the part-time position in the Motor Vehicle office; gave the police chief authority to hire two part-time police officers; approved a quote from Downtown Computer in the amount of $2,478.95 for computer equipment for public access TV; approved a quote from Team Laboratory Chemical Corporation in the amount of $3,487.50 for the purchase of weed killer; approved a quote in the amount of $8,100 from Hinckley Trailer Sales for a dump trailer; approved a quote from Cyclone Rake in the amount of $2,734 for a power vacuum for removing leaves from the ground; and approved renewing the two-year police chief contract.

The next meeting of the Moose Lake City Council has been set for Wednesday, June 12, at 4 p.m. A public hearing about the Capital Improvement Program and the Assessment Policy will be held that same day at 6 p.m.


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