By Bethany Helwig
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Moose Lake school bond fails to pass


After the voting poll closed at 8 pm Tuesday, May 14, and the ballots were tallied, the final count was 610 voted no and 382 said yes to Question 1 of the Moose Lake school bond referendum. Three ballots were considered spoiled as they had not voted on Question 1, only on Question 2. Absentee ballots turned in by early voters came in at 38 no and 21 yes, bringing the total to 648 no and 403 yes.

Question 1 proposed a bond referendum of $3.935 million for additions to Moose Lake School including an event parking, completion of the track/football field area, facilities, lighting, and more. Question 1 was required to pass in order for Question 2, requesting $2.7 million, to pass.

Election officials stated there are 2,856 registered voters within the school district. Of that, nearly 37 percent voted in this special election.

Board Chair Steve Blondo and Superintendent Bob Indihar were present during the counting of the votes.

When asked for a comment after the final vote had been tallied, Superintendent Indihar said, “The people have spoken. Let’s move on from here.”

As for where that may be, Indihar stated, “We’ll try to get some of the things done on our own. Yeah, we’ll just try to piecemeal it.”


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