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By Lois E. Johnson
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Level 3 sex offender moving to Cloquet


Sheriff Kelly Lake told TRIAD members and the Elder Concerns group about sex offenders moving into the community at the monthly TRIAD meeting on Wednesday, May 1, at the Fond du Lac Tribal Center.

“A Level 3 sex offender just moved into Cloquet,” she said. “We notify the community of the area where the offender will be living and keep close tabs on him. There is a law to notify the public when a Level 3 offender moves into the community. These are the ones that have been convicted and have served their time. There may be others in the community that we don’t know about.”

Lake explained that there are three levels of sex offenders.

“Level 1 is least likely to reoffend,” she said. “Level 2 and Level 3 offenders have a higher risk of offending. They are not in prison but could be in the Northeast Corrections Center or the county jail. We can’t give out public information about Level 1 or Level 2 sex offenders.”

There are three Level 3 sex offenders in Carlton County, said Lake. One is the most recent to move into Cloquet. The other two have lived in the county for years and have not reoffended. One lives near Wright and the other is in Barnum.

“Any court convictions are public information and available on the website,” said Lake. “Contact the law enforcement agency in the area where you live if you have questions.”

Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm is a member of the End of Confinement Review Committee that reviews the cases of offenders and assigns the levels, Lake told the group.

“Sometimes there is a recommendation for Level 3 but the committee says that it is Level 2,” he said. “The committee meets once or twice a month, and is made up of prison officials, myself, and one other officer on the Moose Lake Police Department.”

Lake spoke about the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, which is a treatment program, like the state hospital.

She also told the group about the recent attempted murder of one of the staff members by an offender.

Carlton County Attorney Lauri Ketola, who was present, explained that the offender is no longer in the sex offender program. He had been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Lake also informed the group that Judge Leslie Beiers will be leaving Carlton County to be a judge in St. Louis County. Rebekka Stumme will be sworn in as the new judge in Carlton County on May 31.

When speaking about scams, Lake spoke about the IRS scam that people are called about near tax time.

“We are not going to come and arrest you,” she said. “And the IRS will never call you. Those calls are scams.”

A member of the group spoke about the callers that tell people that their Social Security card has been suspended because of possible suspicious activity on it. Social Security would never call someone and Social Security cards are not suspended, it was said.

Lake told the people not to give out personal information over the phone unless they are the ones making the calls. She also said not to give out personal information when a text has been received on the phone or click on a suspicious email from the bank or AT&T.

Bogenholm said that there has been a scam where people that are customers of Moose Lake Water and Light were called and told that they power would be shut off if they didn’t pay their power bills. They were asked to pay with iTunes cards.

“That is a scam,” he said. “The power company would never want you to pay with iTunes cards.”

Ketola talked about an elderly man that had supposedly gotten a call about his grandson who needed money.

“He went and took cash out of his account and sent it to another state,” she said. “Within less than two days, the grandson found out about it and went to try and stop the mail but it was gone.”

Lake said that on April 22 the Carlton County Board of Commissioners had voted to start work on a new jail facility.

“The jail is outdated and nearing the end of it’s life,” she said. “We have put a lot of money into the jail to keep it complaint. If the county doesn’t do anything, the state could sunset us, like they did in Itasca County. They can’t use their jail after 2021.”

Lake added that the consultants that the county hired will present options and costs to the commissioners at the committee-of-the-whole meeting on May 7.

Public information sessions around the county will follow to explain the problems and the solutions.

“Public safety is a big liability,” she told the group. “We will work on bringing the information out to the public. Law enforcement and the county attorney will be working to make the system more efficient.”

The next meeting of Carlton County TRIAD was set for Wednesday, June 5, at a location to be announced.


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