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By Wick Fisher
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Tesla Bashers


April 25, 2019

I stepped on the gas. Wait a minute; my Tesla doesn’t run on gas. So, I pressed the acceleration pedal to the floor. I wanted to see what 0-60 in 3.7 seconds felt like. It took me back to my teenage years. I had a 1956 Chevy with a two-eighty-three cubic inch engine equipped with two four-barrel carbs and three-speed on the floor.

The Tesla may not have any carburation but it is still much faster than my ’56 Chevy. My teenage hot rod was capable of topping out at 120 mph racing up Drive-In Hill in my hometown of Chamberlain, South Dakota. My Tesla not only has a top speed of 147 mph, it seems to increase with every 3:00 A.M. update. While my ’56 Chevy sat at the starting line spinning its tires, my Tesla was already halfway to sixty.

You would think hot-rodders and NASCAR fans would embrace electric cars with their high speed and rapid acceleration. Some do embrace it. Others decidedly do not. I can only come to the conclusion that many individuals are reacting to Tesla out of fear of the unknown.

Recently, a longtime friend of mine insulted me by putting down my Tesla. At first, I thought why would he do this? I have pointedly tried to keep bragging rights to a minimum. After all, we are simply talking about a mode of transportation. And it was long ago that I quit expressing my manhood via a hotrod.

My wife clued me in when she said, “He is afraid of Tesla because he knows he won’t be able to work on one.”

I watched this unknown fear factor play out when computers first achieved dominance. I know because I was one of the fearful ones. Soon I got over my fear and I discovered a whole new world that opened up to me via the internet. Today, few are left among us without at least a minimum amount of skill traversing a website.

For some, their vitriol aimed against Tesla is about holding a grudge, not against the car, but against the brains behind the car, Elon Musk. I mistakenly thought that Tesla bashers, many of them climate-deniers, would soon come around and embrace these high-speed machines. My logic was that many climate-deniers and Tesla-bashers are Trump supporters and the similarities between Donald Trump and Elon Musk are many. Both are geniuses; one at manipulating people, the other at manipulating technology. Both have an arrogance about them that attracts enemies.

The hatred spewing against Tesla was at the forefront last week in Fremont, California. A restraining order was granted to Tesla against an individual who has harassed test-vehicles and the drivers conducting them by taking his white Acura and trying to intentionally cause collisions. The filing alleges a pattern of obsessive behavior towards Tesla.

In response to the restraining order, a TSLA short-seller twitter account posted this: “I will not rest. This is my promise. Tesla is a zero.@elonmusk will go to prison.”

In addition to Musk-haters, there are those who wish to see Tesla fail for a different reason. For some time now, according to my son who, like me, is also a Tesla owner and company stockholder, there exists a group known as TSLA short-sellers. They spread rumors and lies about Tesla in an effort to drive down the price of its stock. Random “events” are created such as accidents, fires etc. Before Tesla stock recovers from the negative news, it is purchased at an undervalued price. The trick is then to sell it once it has recovered to its true value, thereby gaining a profit by short-selling.

Here’s my opinion. Good Lord people. Get a life. This much hatred against a car? Just how ethically bankrupt will some people get?


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