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By Bethany Helwig
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Cell tower goes up in Sturgeon Lake


April 18, 2019

Bethany Helwig

A new cell tower is being built near the Sturgeon Lake water tower.

At the regular city council meeting held on April 13, Mayor Todd Danelski stated he had received a number of questions from property owners concerning the construction of the new cell tower. Council members agreed to begin putting out a newsletter with the water/sewer bills to inform citizens of community news and changes, starting in June.

Two residents brought up the issue of ATVs spinning circles and causing damage to Hwy 1 just off Market Road, requiring it to be graded on multiple occasions.

"There are laws that they're supposed to follow. It's just a matter of enforcement," said Mayor Danelski.

The council discussed bringing the matter to the local ATV club to have them help with the situation. They asked Scott Williams to prepare an estimate on grading that section and adding purple basalt, which they could present to the club.

Allan Cekalla, who sat in for Fire Chief Mike Mikrot, requested that the parking spaces on the west side of the building on 1st Avenue near the post office be left open for firefighters so they can easily access the fire hall. Mayor Danelski suggested they paint the curbs red to specify firefighter parking only. Councilor Jessica Langhorst also suggested putting up signage on the back of the building. Councilor Helfman stated they need to check if the post office owns the entire lot before taking action.

Scott Williams suggested turning the empty lot across from the fire hall into parking for firefighters. Cekalla stated it would be safer for the firefighters, who are focused on answering the call, to park next to the building and not have to cross a street to get to the fire hall.

Cekalla also said the fire department was looking to dispose of or sell their third engine and wanted direction from the council. Councilor Adam Langhorst volunteered to research the issue, and Scott Williams from the audience suggested putting the engine up on

Cekalla stated temporary lighting has now been setup in the fire hall.

Road Commissioner Jessica Langhorst reported that one of the ponds had flooded over Logan Road and backed up due to a plastic culvert. They will be replacing the culvert soon.

Councilor Langhorst also requested that the Snow Plowing and Road Grading Bidding Packet be sent to the city attorney for review to move it along. The council agreed to extend the term of the contract to 3 years. They also agreed that if after reviewing the latest revisions and there were no objections within a certain period of time, it could be forwarded to the city attorney. They also approved a policy regarding snow plowing in the city.

The council discussed blight properties within the city. Regarding one such property, they agreed to file a complaint with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) due to pollution issues, including tires on the roof, slurry leaking onto the neighbor's property, and runoff illegally connected to the city's wastewater collection system.

Councilor Adam Langhorst reported on the park advisory committee. A fence will be constructed on one side of the city park to prevent kids from running into the street. The committee also discussed painting the cement barricades, possibly getting benches on the trail, staining the gazebo, and possibilities for the FEMA properties along the river in some fashion. No action was taken.

Councilor Marsha Helfman reported that three of the storage units had two inches of ice in them and the renter was vacating their items. The council agreed they needed to find the leak and see how they could go about fixing it.

Councilor Rick Lewis reported that he and city employee Scott Helfman spoke with Brad White of First Systems Technology about calibrating the water system and received a bid that was discounted because of multiple cities in the area using the same service. The council approved moving forward with First Systems Technology.

In other business, Mayor Danelski reported he had spoken with CIP about sweeping and painting the roads. They are not available to do the sweeping, but painting of the curbs and crosswalks will probably happen later in the year.

Clerk Carole Lahti said that the winter grace period for people not paying their water bills ends in spring.

The matter of Wi-Fi antennas on the water tower was brought up. Councilor Lewis said he will talk with Genesis about having them pay for use of the antennas. The matter was tabled.

The council approved paying for Clerk Lahti to go for training at the League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference.

A training session with the League of Minnesota Cities will occur on June 20 at 6 pm at the city hall. It will be a special open meeting; the public can attend but not participate.

Councilor Adam Langhorst made budgetary changes to make room for potential city hall and fire hall repairs. A motion was passed on the budget amendments.

Firefighters reported a leak in the fire hall that was damaging their air pack. A motion was passed to contact a contractor to look into repairing the leak.

A resident brought up the possibility of appointing a city historian. The matter was tabled until the next meeting.

The next regular city council meeting is scheduled for May 9, 2019, at 6 pm in the Sturgeon Lake City Hall.


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