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By Wick Fisher
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Trump, Tantrums, and Teeth

Wick's World


It happens sometimes, especially on Monday mornings. My brain is in a state of inattention and I have a noon deadline at the newspaper. I am filled with random thoughts, mostly centering around my back; specifically, the lower left side where my pinched sciatic nerve has once again reared its ugly head.

Sweet Pea, my lap dog, insists on laying between my legs while my wife and I power-watch the current Netflix television series everyone is raving about: “Narcos”. For the next two to three hours, I watched television and remained paralyzed in my easy chair, getting an aching back that left me unable to think about much else over the next few days.

Let’s take these random thoughts about Trump, tantrums, and teeth and make a story about them. I can do it in one sentence. I have a dentist appointment in Tijuana on Thursday and President Trump has just announced that he may close the Mexico border this week if his temper tantrum is not fully dealt with. At least half of America agrees with him and I don’t, if only for the selfish reason that if I am to spend an indefinite time in Mexico, I would like it to be on my own terms.

You may ask, “Why would Wick Fisher want to go to a dentist in Tijuana, especially when he has a perfectly good one here at home?”

Answer: I am rather disillusioned after a perfectly good dentist in my hometown with whom I had a perfectly good relationship for 35 years, kept sending me a bill stating “You are Responsible for This!” when I clearly showed them (several times) that my insurance company would pay for this.

I even got an admittance of culpability from one of their receptionists stating, “Well, we can’t be expected to read every piece of mail that comes in!”

Excuse me; yes, you can be expected to read every letter that comes in. I have had several businesses since I retired from the Postal Service fourteen years ago today, and I always read every single piece of business mail I received. Why did I even bother to deliver your mail?

So, now you see why I changed dentists to one who speaks Spanish and plays Carlos Santana music while fixing over a dozen teeth in one setting. You will never see that in this country! In case you didn’t realize it, I have been waiting many years to get this off my chest.

Oh, by the way, the Mexican dentist saved me more money than Geico will ever offer me; $10,000 to be exact. The only drawback is that the dental clinic is on the other side of the border and right now our border with Mexico is a very legitimate issue our President has to deal with. And to be fair, my only beef with Trump is how it will be dealt with. As a soon-to-be resident of San Diego, California, the potential economic disaster suffered by America and specifically this city will be astonishing.

In closing, my dentist of thirty-five years will always be remembered as just that, not for one disputed billing. For Wick, Wally and Wiggy, and Bart, and Tom; Chamberlain, South Dakota, the place we were born, will always be our hometown. Moose Lake, Minnesota (along with, Burbank, Vermillion, Meckling, Spearfish, and Sioux Falls in South Dakota; Sioux City Iowa, Austin, McAllen, Pharr, and San Juan in Texas; Colon and Rio Hata, Panama, Phoenix, Arizona and New York City, New York and several burghs and boroughs along the way) is the place where I lived, and San Diego, California (or Tijuana, Mexico) is the place where I will go to die. This is the culmination of today’s random thoughts.


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