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By Pastor John Venzke
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Do you have a calling?


March 21, 2019

Growing up on a Holstein dairy farm in central Wisconsin, I wondered if I would follow in my father’s footsteps. My dad, who also grew up in Wisconsin on a dairy farm, left home when he was 18 to seek his fortune in California. He found a job working there for a large Guernsey dairy farm. After working there for 14 years, getting married, and beginning a family, he decided to move back to Wisconsin to start a dairy farm of his own.

Dairy farming appeared to be his “calling,” but would it be mine as well? How does a “calling“ even happen? My grandpa and my one uncle were both “called” to become pastors, but how does that work? Do people actually hear the voice of God telling them what to do?

On our farm we learned how to call the cows home. Literally--we would call “Come Boss” as loud as possible and our cows would begin to walk back to the barn from about a half a mile away! Each farmer’s family had a unique way of calling, so the neighbors' animals never tried to jump the fence to join our cows. Of course it had to be at milking time when the cows needed to be milked and were eager for extra food.

Would my “calling” be like that—a distant voice saying, “Come here now, it’s time?” In the Holy Bible it says that we (God’s sheep) will know His voice (the great Shepherd) and not follow another voice. But how does that work? How do we hear, and how will we know if it is God speaking?

Turns out I didn’t hear a distant voice, instead I began to search the words He had already given to all of us. As I prayed and searched His “Word” (the Holy Bible) I found scriptures like Proverbs 3:5-6 that told me to trust God with all my heart and to believe that He was leading me all the time (even when I wasn’t hearing a voice). So I began to walk in faith in whatever path seemed the best for me.

That led me to where I am today, Pastoring a great church in a rural community in Minnesota that even has a few dairy farms. God is still leading those who will trust Him with all their hearts! Have a Blessed Day!


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