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By CBS 3 Meteorologist Dave Anderson
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Chance of colder temps but less snow in March forecast


February 28, 2019

The wind chill factor was developed by a fellow named Paul Siple back in the late 30's while on research assignment in Antarctica for the U.S government. We knew we'd be getting into WWII so Siple was assigned to develop winter gear and survival strategies for the military. Look him up sometime. He was involved in a lot of arctic and antarctic expeditions.

In the early days of my 25 plus year weather career, I ran into a lot of old timers from before Siple's time who didn't believe in the wind chill factor. Any time you mentioned wind chill on the air, they'd call up and complain. I hadn't heard from any, though, in a long time so I thought they had all passed away. Well, this year's cold snaps have brought the survivors out of the woodwork!

Belief in the wind chill factor or not, it has been cold this winter. February was 3.4 degrees colder than normal. January was 2.6 degrees colder than normal. It could be even colder than that in March. It is estimated we will average four degrees cooler than normal. Snow so far this winter has been heavy for many zones but may slack off region-wide for March even though it is statistically our snowiest month. So, there's a chance this month we'll get five inches fewer than normal.

For March 2019, the 1st to the 5th should be sunny and mild. The 6th to the 19th, though, should be snowy and bitterly cold. The 20th to 28th could be snowy, too, and cold but just a little less so. The month ends after the 29th to 31st with sunny conditions and merely cool rather than cold.

Right now, it doesn't look to impressive for warmth this spring or summer, either. April and May will be slightly cooler and rainier than normal. Summer will be slightly cooler than normal.

On a final note, March marks the 65th birthday of CBS 3 TV though we have no plans to retire. Edward Moody, Kristen Vake, Kelly Hinseth and I will continue to follow the benchmarks set long ago by Earl Henton, Bill Kreuger, Marsh Nelson and Heatwave Berler.


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