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February 14, 2019

I recently acquired some information regarding the very complex situation currently going on in Venezuela. My theory is Trump will invade because of two reasons:

#1. It will be a "distraction" which works so well for this presidency.

#2. It will be very convenient to have access to one of the largest oil reserves in the Western hemisphere.

I will give you the actual emails and responses from my hometown friend Wally and especially his Venezuelan wife.

“Wally, what is your take on Venezuela? Is the newly elected guy legit? I assume the one who won't yield power is continuing to loot the country. Give me a couple good quotes...better yet, ask your wife”.

Statement by Ms. Wally: “Remember that here the simple 'exit of a dictator' is not being handled, as happened with Perez Jimenez in 1958.

Here the departure of three occupation armies is being handled.

Remember that in Venezuela there are 22,000 Cubans who came to control the country with Chavista consent.

Remember that in the plains there are possibly another 20,000 members of the FARC and the Colombian ELN who do not have a place to go, because in the border of Colombia they are waiting for the army there to “fry” them.

Remember that in Margarita and the east of the country there is a large but uncertain number of Hezbollah terrorists who also do not have an immediate way to leave safely.

This is not the way out of a dictatorship like Milosevic's or Pinochet’s or Hussein’s.

This is the exit of a dictatorship mixed with the departure of an invasion concealed by the government of the country itself for 20 years, and that is an unpublished case that had never been seen in history.

So patience and confidence, xq Guaidó is not alone.

In this process, cleanup is accompanied at least by the US government, Colombia and Brazil, although there are certainly others helping in various ways but making sure to take advantage of this transition to "fumigate" Venezuela as best as possible to prevent the Castro-Narco-Terrorism epidemic [so it] is reduced enough to prevent the recovery of the country in the transition period.

Open your eyes and be realistic.

The fall of the Chavo-madurismo in Venezuela is a devastating blow for drug trafficking and hemispheric and international terrorism.

A conventional dictatorship is not being dismantled.

It is dismantling an emporium of drug trafficking, terrorism and international crime that perhaps for the first time in history, has used the enormous resources of the entire [s]tate of a rich country and with a privileged geopolitical position, to greatly expand its international operations.

Be aware of the magnitude of what they are taking away from us in these days.”

Wick: Wow. I knew this was an unwinnable situation for most, but this is more complicated than I thought. I was a part of the US Airborne that established Latin American Policy in Panama in 1968. The US School of the Americas, located in Panama before moving to Ft. Benning Georgia, taught "torture." The same torture that was used in Iraq has been in force all over Latin America for 50 years. It was many years later before I realized the sheer terror we had unleashed in order to control the region and keep the leftists out. It looks like the chickens have come home to roost. Because of my actions in 1968, the US along with others are stuck in an untenable position. You can read all about this policy in an award-winning book “In the Time of the Tyrants-Panama:1968-1990.” It could not be written until over twenty years after our unit helped install Manuel Noriega’s mentor, General Omar Torrijos as the brutal dictator of Panama. Torrijos’ first act as dictator was to dismiss the rape and murder charges against Noriega whose brutal regime became widely known. This Latin American Policy continues to this day including in Venezuela. Many citizens have fled the county and many of those who stay will starve or die by violence. Many armies, narcotrafficantes etc. will be disruptive and disrupted. The country is a mess with no easy solution in sight. Thank you to your wife who gave me this informative insight. Although things are starting to make some sense for me, it really is more the fact that everyone is deeply mired in a "state of nonsense." Thanks, Wick


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