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By Shawn Jansen
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Windemere Township implements new purchasing policy and discusses attendance issues


February 14, 2019

Windemere Township is making progress implementing changes recommended by its first audit, which was conducted last year. The board approved a purchasing policy and a fund balance policy at a special meeting called on December 18.

The purchasing policy specifies that purchases less than $250 do not require prior approval, purchases between $251-$2,500 require department approval, purchase more than $2,500 and up to $25,000 require approval of the town board, and purchases more than $25,000 require sealed bids. It also specifies that RFPs are required for contracting services in excess of $2,500.

The fund balance policy classifies funds as restricted, committed, assigned or budgeted, and unassigned, and stipulates that the general fund maintains 100 percent of the next year’s budgeted expenditures since government aids and tax revenue are not received until mid-year.

The regular meeting that was to be held on December 13 had to be canceled due to lack of a quorum. During the January 10 meeting, Town Clerk Scott Danelski asked Supervisor Dale Kirkeby, “I’m just asking if you’re going to be an active part of this board?”

Kirkeby’s attendance record provided by Danelski shows he attended four meetings since May 9, 2018, out of 21. That attendance could not be readily verified due to missing written and/or only audible records on the township website.

Kirkeby said, “I will try.” Later, in a phone conversation regarding his absences, Kirkeby said, “I got offered a job out of town. I’m not a rich man.”

The Windemere Township board approved Mike Buetow, road supervisor, to conduct routine township road brushing in the right-of-way for public safety. The township posted that the work is to begin February 4 and will continue until it is completed.

Other business

The township board approved:

– Election judges for 2019, an absentee ballot board of four, and the use of an M100 ballot counter for township elections.

– Flipping the zoning positions, so that Phil White will serve as zoning administrator and Ryan Clark as his assistant.

– Have a single public comment period and move it to the end of the meetings.


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