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Inmate charged with attempted murder of MSOP employee


February 7, 2019

Provided Photo

Mugshot of George Mack Jr.

George Mack Jr., 42, an offender at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program in Moose Lake, was charged with a count of Attempted Murder and a count of Assault in the Fourth Degree in a Secure Treatment Facility after an incident on Jan. 29, 2019.

According to the criminal complaint, a Moose Lake police officer was dispatched to the MSOP on Jan. 29 about an assault on a counselor with a weapon fashioned from a razor blade securely affixed to a toothbrush with dental floss and a rubber band.

The police officer viewed video footage of the incident, which occurred in an open area of the facility. The video shows a large community meeting that was being led by the counselor, with clients sitting in a large circle facing one another. Mack, who was not part of the meeting, is seen on the mezzanine level of the open area. He later walks to the lower level where the meeting is taking place. He casually walks along the back side of the circle and lunges at the back of the counselor, who was sitting in a chair. Mack grabs the counselor's head with one hand and reaches around to the counselor's throat with the other hand. Mack can be seen making at least two cutting/slashing motions across the front of the counselor's throat. The counselor is able to avert further injury to himself by lowering his chin, jumping out of the chair, and running from Mack. Mack is seen throwing an object to the ground, which was later determined to be the improvised weapon. Mack pursued the counselor, who fled to a staffed desk, but was unable to catch him when he was intercepted by another staff member.

At the time, Mach threw several punches at the staff member, striking his head and left rib area. The staff member's left chest area and head showed demonstrable injury. Mack was subdued by several staff members and secured.

Photographs of the counselor's injuries revealed an approximately two-inch long cut/gash on his throat and another one-inch long cut/gash to the left on the counselor's throat.

The officers subsequently interviewed Mack. During the interview, Mack stated that he had a prior interaction with the counselor the previous day. Mack did not like that the counselor said that he was going to change everything on the unit and did not like his demeanor. He said that he made a makeshift weapon with a razor blade fastened to a toothbrush with dental floss and rubber bands. With this weapon, he approached the counselor from behind, using his right hand to hold the counselor's head while he used his left hand with the weapon to slash the counselor's throat. Mack said that he ran after the counselor shouting, "I'm the boss."

In an interview with the counselor, he said that he was attending a scheduled community meeting in the unit. He could see someone approaching him in his peripheral view. He felt an arm coming over his head while the other arm was making a swiping motion at this throat. He identified Mack as the perpetrator. He said that, while Mack was slicing his throat, Mack made the comment, "I'm in charge here" and "You're my bitch."

The counselor was visibly shaken as he retold the details of the attack. He further stated that he was able to get out of the chair and run away. Mack pursued him until he was intercepted by a staff member.

The count of Attempted Murder in the First Degree – Premeditated is a felony that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The count of Assault in the Fourth Degree, Secure Treatment Facility, Demonstrable Bodily Harm, a felony, carries a maximum sentence of two years and/or a $4,000 fine.


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