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By Lois E Johnson
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Coming home

After years elsewhere, Jim and Barb Roth are bringing their practice back home.


January 3, 2019

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Jim and Barb Roth have opened Roth Chiropractic in Moose Lake.

Jim Roth has come home. Roth and his wife, Barb, have opened Roth Chiropractic in Moose Lake.

"I grew up in Sturgeon Lake and graduated from high school in Willow River in 1977," he said in a recent interview. "I've lived in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Maui but now I'm back home. I've learned that home is between your two ears. It's nice to be back in Moose Lake."

Jim Roth's parents were Ann and Bill Roth.

"They were both employed at the state hospital," he said.

Roth received his higher education from the University of Minnesota and earned a teaching degree in physical education.

Jim and Barb had married while in college and took time off after graduating for a cross-country bicycle trip.

"We rode across the nation for three months," said Roth. "We ended up in San Diego and took a train to Texas. I was offered a couple of teaching jobs in Texas but we came back to the cities in 1988, and I went to chiropractic school. I graduated in 1991 and we moved to Milwaukee, where we started a practice that lasted 23 years."

Roth told the story about how he became known as the "Baby Doctor" while he was in Milwaukee. One of his patients was a woman who was having trouble becoming pregnant. He said that he treated her with his chiropractic skills, and she reported later that she had become pregnant.

"Once the nerves are aligned, blood flow increases," he said. "She sent her friends with the same problem to me, and the word spread. I helped about 50 women in that same way."

The Roths sold the practice and went to live their dream in Maui, Hawaii, for three years.

They returned to Minneapolis when Barb's father was near the end of his life.

"Now we are back in Moose Lake," he said. "I learned by living in other cities that there isn't the personal level between people like there is in a small town. People would tell me often that they could see that I was from a small town."

Roth finds satisfaction in helping people to feel better.

"When I can help someone, it is priceless," he said. "I have always liked being a chiropractor."

Keeping his rates affordable is important to Roth.

"My philosophy is to keep the overhead as low as possible and keep my rates affordable for people. That has worked out great."

Barb is a massage therapist and will join Roth in the practice soon.

"There has always been two of us in the practice," said Jim. "We have been a mom and pop operation the whole time."

Barb Roth has a master's degree in exercise physiology and has had experience in teaching at the University of Minnesota, in research programs, and she taught a physical education program in graduate school, Jim explained.

"She's also written a couple of children's books," he added. "One is self-published."

As the couple is preparing to move back to the area in the spring, they both are looking forward to being in Moose Lake. They plan on getting involved in the community, said Roth.

Jim has been holding office hours three days a week at the new headquarters for Roth Chiropractic at 300 Elm Avenue (blue building) since November.

"I started to see patients in mid-December," said Jim. "And I have made connections with people that I used to know. It's been really fun."

Roth said he has remained best friends with Dale Zuk, and Zuk has invited him to spend evenings with him for dinner and watching TV while Jim is in Moose Lake.

"That's been really nice," said Roth. "He helped me move and made me feel welcome."

Roth said he is learning about acupuncture to add to his skills for his practice and will complete that course in March. The couple plans to move to Moose Lake and open the clinic five days a week and half days on Saturdays in April.

Roth invited people to stop in and find out about how chiropractic treatments could help them.

"Consultations are free," said Roth. "Many people don't understand what chiropractic is. Come in and just talk. That takes the edge off. I can answer questions that you may have."

Temporary office hours are Thursday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Call Roth at (612) 916-3506 to make an appointment or send an email to

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