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By A. R. Vander Vegt
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New year, new names

Some Carlton Co. roads will see name changes with new year


December 27, 2018

Six roads in Carlton County are seeing changes in the month of January. County Roads 150, 101, 115 and 140 will become County Roads 27, 51, 14 and 13, respectively, signifying a change from County State Aid Highway (CSAH) to county road classification. County Roads 19 and 6 will be changed to County Roads 135 and 112, reclassified from county roads to CSAHs.

Carlton County Engineer JinYeene Neumann explained the Arrowhead Regional Development Commission and Department of Transportation monitor road classification. Each road in a county is given a functional classification, “according to the character of service they are intended to provide,” according to a Carlton County Transportation Department release.

Some roads have high volumes of traffic while others are lower. Roadways are classified into seven categories: interstate, other freeways and expressways, principal arterial-other, minor arterial, major collector, minor collector, and local. County roadways fall into one of the last three categories. CSAHs are either major collectors or minor collectors, which connect a trunk highway or CSAH, all other roadways are considered local, Neumann said.

The recent road changes, approved by the Minnesota Commissioner of Transportation on August 31, 2018, reflect the roadways’ current use.

“Road names needed to change, because we needed to switch some to CSAH, and some CSAHs needed to become county roads.” Neumann added CSAHs are usually more heavily traveled than county roads and are eligible for state and federal funding sources. Carlton County’s naming system designates county road numbers under 100 as CSAHs. County roads designated above 100 are only eligible for county funds.

Each county is allotted only a set number of miles of CSAH, so roadways receiving such a designation are reevaluated every so often and adjusted as needed. Four of the six roads in question are moving from county roads to a CSAH classification.

Of the six roads being renamed, three will result in address changes for residents. Roads known as County Road 150, 101 and 115 are also called Erickson, Alcohol and Airport Road, respectively, meaning no address change is required.

For those living on County Roads 19, 6 and 140, address changes are necessary. The 911 system will switch over to the new road names by January 21 with new roadway signs to accompany the switch. Local post offices are aware of the change and will forward mail for an undetermined amount of time, Neumann said.

Residents affected by the road name changes should have received a letter in the mail. Anyone with further questions can contact JinYeene Neumann, Carlton County Engineer, by telephone at (218) 384-9150 or by email at


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