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By Lois E Johnson
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ICS recommends referendum

Final decision not yet made


December 20, 2018

Lynn Dyer and Kevin Warmuth of ICS met with the Moose Lake School Board to once again narrow down the list of facilities that is needed to finish the athletic complex at the Moose Lake school on Monday, Dec. 10.

“The components of this exercise are that you tell us what is important,” Dyer told the board members, the superintendent and others in attendance.

Dyer presented lists of projects and the estimated costs taken from other projects that the company had been involved in.

The categories were football and track, baseball, softball and parking lots.

Some of the top “must haves” were a concession stand that would include a locker room as well as restrooms, and grandstands for the football field and track, and another grandstand for the baseball field.

Goalposts and lighting were also on the list, as well as fencing. Dugouts and benches were needed for the baseball field.

There was considerable discussion about the softball field next to the baseball field. It has been partially prepared but not completed.

Willow River has the varsity softball field but it was said that all five fields were needed during the busiest season. That included four softball fields on the proposed four-plex behind the school.

However, one school field and one field for the city in the four-plex were the most favored. The other parts of the space could be used for other sports, it was said.

No decisions were made.

An overflow parking area to the south of the existing parking lot was a high priority. A parking lot near the four-plex was also needed but a parking lot by the bus garage was a low priority.

A must-have is an Early Childhood playground and a new ADA accessible stage.

There was discussion about the narrow hallways and the possibility of moving the lockers to classrooms, called locker bays. The project was projected to cost just under $2 million.

It was said that normally, hallways in schools are 12 feet wide. The hallways in the new Moose Lake school are just eight feet wide and too narrow when students are standing at their lockers that line the hallways on both sides.

No decisions were made.

ICS representatives will meet with other groups to ask the same information and did not wish to disclose the priority list and costs that the board had chosen.

“We only have one shot to do this,” said Board Member Kris Lyons. “We had better do it right.”

Dyer recommended a referendum be presented to the voters in May about funding the project to finish the athletic complex and a few other projects. The board has not made a decision to hold the referendum yet.

The next meeting with ICS representatives will be held in January at a date to be set.


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