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Corrections employee arrested


December 13, 2018

Anne Chelin-Anderson, 57, Holyoke Township, was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree and fourth degree by a correctional/secure treatment employee last April. The counts each carry a maximum sentence of 10 years and/or a $20,000 fine.

The complaint states that, on or about May 25, 2018, the Department of Corrections Office of Special Investigations contacted the Moose Lake Police Department to report a sexual assault that occurred at the Moose Lake prison. The Moose Lake police officer was told that an inmate alleged that Chelin-Anderson, a DOC Human Relations Instructor, had sexually assaulted him in the past month.

On May 29, the inmate told the police officers that he had started to attend an employment class taught by Chelin-Anderson in December 2017. He said Chelin-Anderson began talking to him inappropriately.

He told the officers that, sometime in the beginning of April 2018, Chelin-Anderson began sitting very close to him and touching him inappropriately. He said he told her that she needed to watch what she does and reported that she told him that if he did not tell, she would not either.

In another encounter with Chelin-Anderson the second week of April, the inmate told her that he attempted to leverage the situation by asking her to help him out financially and within the prison.

He told the officers that, during the third week of April, when he was in Chelin-Anderson’s office where there were no cameras, she touched him inappropriately. He touched her inappropriately.

He told the officers that, within the last week of April, when he was in Chelin-Anderson’s office talking, he was about to leave when she asked to perform a sex act on him. She had him move a desk so the act would not be seen.

The officers went to the home of Chelin-Anderson on June 1 to speak with her about the allegations. One of the officers activated a digital recorder and Ms. Chelin-Anderson invited them into her residence.

She told the officers that, approximately two weeks prior to her being placed on administrative leave, the inmate told her that he might be developing feelings for her. She did not document the remark because it was vague. She said the inmate had given her letters on a few occasions but she had ripped them up and threw them out of the car window after leaving work.

Chelin-Anderson at first denied that she had performed a sex act on the inmate. During the course of their conversation, she was asked what a camera would show if it had been placed in her office without her knowledge.

At that point, Chelin-Anderson began to sweat profusely and she looked down. One of the officers could see that her heart was beating against her shirt.

Chelin-Anderson then told the officers that on Monday, one week before she wrote an incident report on April 30, she did perform a sex act on the inmate. Because the desk had been slid to block anyone’s view, no one could see her perform the act.

Chelin-Anderson was arrested and taken to jail in Carlton. According to the Minnesota Court Public Access website, Chelin-Anderson was released on recognizance on August 8 and posted bail without conditions at $1,000. An omnibus hearing is to be held January 14.


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