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By Aaron Jansen
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Windemere to iron out dispatch issues


November 8, 2018

Supervisor Dale Kirkeby and Township Clerk Scott Danelski were both absent from the monthly meeting of the Windemere Township board held on October 11. Deputy Clerk Rhonda Young filled in for Danelski for the evening.

Treasurer Ron Mossberg’s nine-month report was positive, noting an increase in revenue and decrease in expenses since 2017. He cited the property tax levy as the primary source of revenue. “I believe we’re higher this year probably because people paid on time ... instead of late.” Supervisor John Wesley congratulated him on his handling of the investment portfolio, saying, “Nice job on the interest earnings.”

Cindy Carlson updated the board on the Windemere Township Comprehensive Plan, which had gone through revision based on community feedback. “I just wanted to let you know that it hasn’t fallen through the cracks. It just took a while to get the final draft.” She closed stating the draft should be available to view on the township website within the next couple of days.

Supervisor Pete Steen spoke about replacing the culverts on Balsam Road, stating the project was approved for funding from Pine County, and that the cost of replacing the current system with a box culvert would be approximately $100,000. He said of the box culvert, “We hope that it will solve the [flooding] issues over in that area, once and for all.” A motion was passed to approve a cooperative agreement between Pine County and the township for the culvert project.

Steen went on to provide an update on the Palon Road project, explaining that construction on the culverts had begun. However, he noted that recent weather has impeded progress. “We’re really hoping the weather cooperates so the project gets done this fall.”

Steen made a motion, seconded by Wesley, to purchase a woodchipper for $10,000, calling the decision a “no-brainer.” The motion passed. The chipper will be rented first by the township for two weeks at a cost of $1,200 per week, and purchased after renting it. The rental cost will be deducted from the total purchase amount. Based on online research, John Wesley described the price as “a heck of a good deal,” considering the high cost of a brand-new machine.

Wesley then raised concerns about Pine County dispatch, describing an incident in which dispatch notified other local fire departments of a fire in Windemere Township before the Moose Lake Fire Department. “We’re paying a decent amount of money to have our township served by that fire department,” he said. “If there’s a bad link in the chain of communication, that doesn’t do our constituents (any) good.” John Menke, a township resident, corroborated the concern, stating that when he called 911 for a neighbor, dispatch directed him to Carlton County and then Pine County. “I was on the line for maybe 10 minutes until everybody got there.” Members of the board agreed to communicate with dispatch about these issues.


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