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By A. R. Vander Vegt
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Slow going for repairs at Sturgeon Lake City Hall


November 1, 2018

City hall in Sturgeon Lake may not be getting its repair work done any time particularly soon.

“I don’t have good hopes of it getting done this year,” public works officer Scott Helfman reported at the regular city council meeting in Sturgeon Lake.

In August, the council approved a proposal submitted by Advanced Design Contracting out of St. Paul for repair work to be done up to $20,000. Contact with the company has not been reciprocated, Helfman said.

To move forward on the project, Helfman will contact the city’s insurance provider and the League of Minnesota Cities to see about hiring a temporary worker if the contractor is unable to fulfill the job at hand.

Road commissioner and councilor Jessica Langhorst described a “back and forth” volley between herself and the contractor for road maintenance. It’s been difficult to reach the contractor in a timely manner, she said. The roads are in need of grading. “We’re putting craters out there.”

The current contract will expire in December. Langhorst proposed writing a contingency in an updated contract for whomever they hire. Such a contingency would stipulate the contractor must get back to the city in so many days after initial contact, otherwise the city retains the right to contact someone else to complete the work.

Concerns with the purple basalt test area on Cemetery and Logan was again brought up.

Councilor Russ Correira noted, “It worked great all summer long,” but after an operator bladed the area, the basalt was pushed into the ditches, revealing the gravel beneath and compromising its integrity.

No decision is being made about the basalt, as what is on the road is a trial.

Art Underhill, Ron Kohner and Ron Mlaskoch were in attendance with their proposal regarding land division. Councilors reviewed the preliminary plat with the men.

The land would be split into six different lots with an easement. In July, the council gave the green light for Mlaskoch, Kohner and Underhill to regroup the lots in such a way to enable housing on high ground, as the lots enter into floodplain territory.

Questions remain about access to one lot in particular, which has the highest amount of land in the flood plain. Another question councilors presented was whether or not the road leading to land would be serviced by the city. A public hearing will have to be held before the plat can be granted.

Before the public hearing takes place November 9 at 6 p.m., councilors will consolidate their questions, and present them to Mlaskoch, Kohner and Underhill to resolve by the public hearing date.

Councilors approved a resolution that accepted the Verizon Land Lease with a caveat. Mayor Elizabeth Cisar noted the land lease included a transfer to Horvath Towers V, LLC for installation and maintenance of the cell tower. She has asked the city’s attorney about the transfer. Pending the recommendation and validation from the attorney, the tower will proceed.

The next regular council meeting will be Friday, November 9 at 7 p.m. Councilors agreed to the change of date and time in order to canvass election results. At that meeting, 2017 audit findings will also be reported.


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