By Lois E Johnson
Moose Lake Star-Gazette 

Kettle River refurbishes water tower


October 25, 2018

Refurbishing the water tower in Kettle River is underway.

Bernadine Reed, the city clerk, reported that work on the tower began the week of Oct. 15.

“They cleaned the inside and coated it with an epoxy paint,” she said in a telephone interview on Monday, Oct. 22. “They also added safety equipment.”

Reed reported that the cost of the project was $50,000 plus additional expenses.

Dave Isaacson, the Public Works Supervisor, reported in a separate telephone interview that Brian Miller of MSA was the engineer that drew up the specifications, and Central Tank Coatings completed the work on the interior of the water tank.

“They are letting the epoxy coating on the inside cure,” he said. “They will come back on Monday, Oct. 29, and we’ll fill up the tank and flush it out. We found a lot of sediment on the bottom of the tank. That came from the rust on the interior. We will also be flushing the water mains.”

Isaacson said that the exterior of the tower will be painted in the spring.

“The paint likes a certain temperature,” he said. “It isn’t warm long enough during the day this time of year for the paint to dry well.”

A ladder was secured on the roof of the tower and a climbing cable was added for safety.

“We are in compliance with OSHA now,” said Isaacson.

A pressure tank has been used while the tower has been out of commission. Isaacson said the 6,000-gallon pressure tank has been working well.

Extra chlorine has been added to the water before the tower was relined.

“I’ll be resetting the pumps for chlorine after we can start using the tower again,” said Isaacson.

Reed said the good news was that the tower was in good condition for its age.

“It was erected in 1950,” said Isaacson. “It’s in really good shape. It should last for another 25-30-50 years.”


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