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Runners achieve personal records at largest one-day meet


October 4, 2018

The MLWRB Cross Country team competed in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, September 18 and then on Saturday, September 22 at the Milaca Mega Meet.

The junior high girls' team started off strong. Rayna Klejeski won the junior high girls' race in a time of 14:33, building a 10 second lead on the second place runner, over the 3,200 — or two-mile — race. Also placing individually were teammates Shannon Granquist sixth in 14:56; Riata Klejeski 12th in 16:10; and Lillia Jordan 13th in 16:14. Following was Ella Heaton 19th in 17:18; Elle Neilson 24th in 18:18; Addison Geil 26th in 18:27; Addie Hanson 29th in 18:48; Brynn Kamp 30th in 18:50; and 34th in 27:02 Kaitlyn Siedlecki.

Winter Bowstring was the only MLWRB runner in the junior high boys’ race. He placed 56th running it in 16:48.

For the girls' varsity, Coriella Sheetz took sixth in 21:30; Kelli Granquist was seventh in 21:40; Lilly Petty was 20th in 22:53; Savannah Gamst was 22nd in 23:12; Lexi Tekippe was 26th in 23:35; Laya Danelski was 31st in 23:44; and Sarah Michels was 32nd in 23:51. The girls varsity team placed second overall in the race. For JV, Esther Vogt was second in 24:17; Kyra Heaton was fourth in 24:45; Delaney Koecher was fifth in 25:28; Meghan Granquist was sixth in 26:22; Jocelyn St. Pierre was 12th in 26:52; Kelly Crump was 24th in 33:23; and Anna Molis was 25th in 35:34. The JV Girls were first as a team.

For the boys varsity, Johnathan Danelski placed 20th in 18:43; Lake Doran was 21st in 18:47; Maverick Koecher was 23rd in 18:51; Tan Dipman was 24th in 18:54; Danny Whited was 27th in 18:58; Spencer Lower was 50th in 20:14; and Connor Clausen was 59th in 21:16. Together placing third as a team for varsity. For JV boys, Joseph Mikrot was 15th in 21:34; Everett Gamst was 16th in 21:46; Carl Halverson was 30th in 23:23; Levi Granda was 34th in 23:46; Anson Vargo was 35th in 24:04; Blake Overland was 36th in 24:12; Ryder Anderson was 40th in 25:00; and Carter Gran was 44th in 26:41. The boys JV team placed fifth.

On Saturday, MLWRB Cross Country teams competed at the Milaca Mega Meet. The Milaca Mega Meet is the largest single day high school cross country meet in the world. This year there were over 5,000 runners. MLWRB had runners in the eighth grade girls, 10th grade boys, girls JV, and both boys and girls D3 varsity races. The eighth grade girls team placed 15th out of 19 teams, the 10th grade boys team placed 25th out of 40 teams, and the girls JV team 33rd out of 41 teams. All of these races included schools from all four divisions which means many large schools were competing against the smallest schools.

The varsity races at Milaca were divided up into four divisions according to school size with Division 1 being the largest. The girls varsity placed 12th out of the 24 Division 3 teams and the boys varsity placed 18th out of 26 Division 3 teams. Individually finishing in the top 100 were Shannon Granquist in the eighth grade girls’ race at 51st; Maverick Koecher 71st, Lake Doran 83rd, Johnathan Danelski 88th, and Tan Dipman 99th in the boys D3 varsity race; Coriella Sheetz 35th, Kelli Granquist 37th, Lilly Petty 66th and Savannah Gamst 92nd in the D3 girls varsity race. Also, all the boys and many of the girls ran their fastest 5k of the season.


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