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By Lois E Johnson
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Local author releases latest novel


September 27, 2018

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Local author Dean Hovey just released his latest novel, "Whistling Wings," the third installment in his Whistle Pines Mystery series.

Local author Dean Hovey just came out with another book, "Whistling Wings," the third book in the series that are set in an assisted living facility in Two Harbors.

"In my first book, 'Whistling Pines,' the two main characters, Peter and Jenny, meet and start dating," said Hovey in a recent interview. "They get engaged in the second book, 'Whistling Sousa,' and the wedding takes place in this book."

Hovey weaves many threads in his books. In this book, there is a murder but he does not dwell on it. The mystery is solved later in the book.

But Peter has to deal with so many other people and situations that the reader finds it hard to put the book down.

A snowy owl is pictured on the cover of the book. That refers to bird-watching tours in northern Minnesota to the Sax-Zim area, Hovey explained in a recent interview.

"That's where arctic birds come to winter," he said. "Bird spotters come from all over the world and take bus tours to look for the arctic birds. Each of them has a lifetime list, and they are able to cross off several species of birds on these tours."

Add in the colorful personalities of the senior citizens that live in the home where Peter is the activities director and Jenny is a nurse, an elderly woman that lives next door to Peter and has been known to shoot at critters in her yard that eat her plants, an unfortunate incident, the bride's mother that has taken planning the wedding out of the bride's hands, and the reader has to find out what happens next.

"Readers have told me that they laughed and cried so hard while reading these books that they find it hard to read the last three chapters," said Hovey.

Because of the success of last two books in this series, Hovey had planned to stop writing the Whistling books after this one, he said.

"Comments from readers tell me that I've got to write another one," he said. "There might well be a fourth one. I enjoy the characters. These are fun books to write."

Hovey is also known for writing the Pine County mysteries.

"The Pine County books take a lot of emotional energy to write," said Hovey. "A lot of people who like the Pine County books like the darker side. In the later books, I find that I am injecting a bit of humor into the Pine County books. They are becoming less dark."

One of his books won a prestigious award for Hovey.

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"We were in Hawaii at the time," he said. "I was notified that I had won the award for 'Family Trees' by a friend. That was fun. Now I can say that I am an award-winning author. It's so uplifting. It tells me that I can do this and that someone recognizes that I did something worthwhile."

Hovey said that, while spending the winter in Arizona, he did some research. Another Pine County mystery will feature a law enforcement officer on vacation in Arizona, and that he is asked to take over an investigation into a murder.

"It's interesting to go to a different place emotionally and geographically," said Hovey. "I hope my readers forgive me for leaving Minnesota."

Hovey's books can be found and ordered from Amazon. Look for Dean L. Hovey's page.

Meet Hovey and hear him speak at the Moose Lake Public Library on Monday, Oct. 1, at 6 p.m.

Contact Hovey at


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