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The morning after

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September 20, 2018

Sometimes the morning after is the worst hangover of your life. You swear you’ll never drink again. By that evening it’s “Fill up the glass. It’s my first one today.”

Now there’s even a pill named after it. Not for the hangover but for the torrid sex last night that came and went before birth control entered the mind. It’s named “The Morning After Pill.” Some people claim the pill kills lives while others claim it keeps from ruining their lives. Either way, life is filled with morning after moments. Often, the most important thing is not what you did last night but how you deal with it today.

Yesterday, a young man who had spent the past few years in the Deep South kicking a football between two posts in the ground, journeyed along with his fellow Viking teammates to Green Bay, Wisconsin to attempt to kick a football between two posts in the ground.

Green Bay is known for two things and two things only. Number one, it’s a small city in Wisconsin, but primarily it is the very Heart of Packer Territory. If you haven’t heard of the Green Bay Packers, you also probably don’t know that Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. Packer territory is very large. It extends way past Wisconsin throughout the Midwest. It even extends down into Chicago and over to Minnesota where many thousand traitors cheer for the Vikings greatest foe.

For clarification, there is no such thing as a simple Packer fan. There are furiously raging, frenzied and deeply loyal Packer fans. Sound like a Trump rally? That’s the reason for using the president in my former analogy.

Let’s go back to the young kid who tried to kick the football through the two posts. Yesterday, he tried three times and three times he failed. Any one of the kicks could have been the game winner. The final one was about as easy a field goal attempt you get in the NFL but he blew that one too. Every failed kick sailed off in the exact same direction. The kid failed to adjust. After the game, the quote that will be remembered, and possibly come back to haunt him for the remainder of his career (if he has one), is this.

“I’ve lost my confidence,” said the young kid who is kicking up north in Minnesota this year.

I don’t really know how forgiving the rabid football fans are down south. We here in Minnesota tend to give people a second chance. But maybe not a third or fourth. Cold-hearted Viking fans are already saying “Get rid of the bum. He had three chances yesterday.”

In baseball, it’s “Three strikes and you’re out!”

It could be a lot worse, kid. Standing in a courtroom in front of a judge, three strikes will land you in prison for the rest of your life.

I’m fairly sure the Vikings will give you that next chance. What you said after the game was dangerously honest and revealing. You told the football world that you had lost your confidence. For you to live your dream, that confidence must return or it’s lights out for you. You think your hardest moment was right after the last failed kick. It wasn’t. It came the following morning when you woke up and remembered. It was not a good memory.

It’s Monday morning and now you must get out of bed and face the music. What song you want to sing is your choice. We all have that Monday morning moment sometime in our lives. I know I had a few of them. Kid, make today the day you become a man. You can be a winner. Just go do it.


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