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September 13, 2018

An old cliché I used in my traveling days in the 60s comes from a country western tune. I would say to Bart or Wiggy or one of my many other hitch-hiking buddies, “Like Hank Snow, I’m movin’ on.”

Sunday was a good day to begin my next “Movin’ On” era of life. This one would take me from a place I dearly love — a lakeside home in rural St. Paul — to a home much closer to my children. I could easily live out my fading years in our adopted state of Minnesota, but as I did the math, I realized I have lived apart from my children, (thousands of miles apart) for over half of their lives. My kids learned very early about “Movin’ On”.

I thought Sunday would be a good day to go through a few boxes and start sorting for the move. It was the beginning of the controversial NFL football season of “To stand or kneel; that is the question.” The president may be correct when he refers to the NFL as failing. In order to attract enough viewers, it’s now available every Thursday night, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening and Monday night. I have always found televised sports as a convenient distraction to complement some other project I was working on. Try sitting in a recliner and watch an entire baseball game and you will understand what I mean. As a sport, football does have a little more excitement, but why is this failing sport dominating so many days of the week?

As a youth, NFL games used to be saved for Sundays when Joe the Plumber would crawl out from under the toilet, grab a six-pack, and lounge on the couch all day. Work meant getting off the couch at halftime, throwing something over the underwear, and rushing down to the local Git an’ Split for a second six-pack.

Today the typical NFL week begins with Thursday Night Football, followed by a full slate of games on Sunday. Wait a minute folks; I’ve only just begun. Kickoff begins at noon on Sunday, which is the theological reason Joe says, “Thank God for early services.”

Noon kickoff on Sunday is now followed by the three o’clock games which eventually culminate with Sunday Night Football. A few years back, each Monday Night Football game during the season was preceded by Hank Williams Jr. who would belt out to pigskin aficionados, “Are you ready for some football?”

The NFL is still here but, unlike his daddy who found himself out of a job from taking too many sleeping pills in the back seat of a Cadillac, young Hank Williams Jr. found himself out of a job for name-calling and speaking about the president in an unkindly manner. Fast forward to the next prez and what Hank Jr. did are the qualifications for getting elected to that very office. Hank Jr., your timing was off.

Anyway, after Sunday’s first round of football was over, I realized I would need every one of those afternoon and evening games well into next season if I am to reach the goal of moving to California … swimming pools, movie stars and the like. I would like to have the house in St. Paul sold and another home purchased in San Diego by the time NFL 2019 begins. If the housing market remains as hot as it is today, selling the house may be the least of my worries.

It’s getting ready for a spring garage sale followed by a pre-move auction that has me sorting boxes a full year in advance. I guess we stayed in one place too long. Moose Lake, I would love to return everything from the treasures to the junk we accumulated during our 30-year stay and take with me only the memories from a lovely place to raise our kids. But that is too late. We already transferred them to the cities when we sold our home on Sand Lake last year. And it is all still sitting in my basement and garage waiting to be “Movin’ On.”


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