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By Lois E Johnson
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Home Fire campaign provides smoke alarms


September 13, 2018

The members of the Carlton County TRIAD spoke about the free smoke alarm program from the American Red Cross at the monthly meeting on Sept. 5 in Wright.

“They install the free smoke alarms in your home,” stated Jennie Hanson. “They put them in a better place too.”

“The free smoke alarms are provided through the Home Fire Campaign,” Tony Guerra told board members and firefighters at a meeting of the Moose Lake Fire Protection District Board on July 10. “The goal is to reduce deaths by fire in the home by 25 percent.”

The funds for the smoke alarms are provided by a national government grant, Guerra added. Funding was also received from Enbridge.

“We have 40 fire departments in northern Minnesota and Douglas County, Wisconsin, in the program,” he said.

Guerra said that the alarm may sound when the button is pushed on older smoke alarms, and people think that the alarm is still operable.

“The sensors wear out in eight to 10 years,” he said. “They need to be replaced.”

The free smoke alarms come with someone to install them.

“We install them according to fire association standards,” said Guerra. “I want you guys (he indicated the firefighters) to walk away from a home (after installing a smoke alarm) knowing that you made that house safer.”

The recommendation is that there should be at least one smoke alarm for each level of the home.

Guerra can be reached at, or (218) 722-0071.

It was said at the TRIAD meeting that firefighters are trained to install the smoke alarms and instructed where they should be placed. Hanson and Lois Jobe, who brought the information to a group of senior citizens in Cromwell, were not sure if the Cromwell-Wright Fire Department had been instructed about the program.

The alarms are for everyone, not just senior citizens, they pointed out.

It was reported that a roundabout will be built at the main intersection in Cromwell next year.

Mayor Sharon Zelazny of Cromwell was present at the meeting and said the state has been very good to work with as the project is being planned.

Moose Lake Police Chief Bryce Bogenholm agreed.

“There was a lot of concern and worry about the roundabout when they were going to build one in Moose Lake,” he said. “But after people got used to it, there have been no accidents and no complaints. The Minnesota Department of Transportation was very good to work with.”

Bogenholm also spoke about the recent training at the school.

“We did an ALICE (Active Shooter Civilian Response Training) training last week at the school,” he said. “We trained the teachers how to take action if there is an active shooter in the school.”

There was also an overdose death in the community, said Bogenholm.

“Those are very rare but we are doing a follow-up on that,” he added. “If you sell someone drugs and that person dies, it is a third-degree homicide. We are investigating it but those investigations are very time consuming.”

Bogenholm said the police department in Moose Lake is going to ask the city council to approve a detective rank for one of the officers.

“In addition to that officer’s regular duties, that position opens up more training opportunities,” he said.

Bogenholm also spoke about other trainings coming up: firearms qualification course, a driver’s training course where they will learn how to handle maneuvers when driving fast, and mental illness and bias training. The last training will be a two-day course taught at the police station in Moose Lake, he explained.

Sheriff Kelly Lake reported that all of the entrance doors to the courthouse are now locked, except the east door between the courthouse and the Law Enforcement Center.

That was one of the recommendations in the jail study, she said.

“The county has hired BKV, a contractor, to implement the recommendations from the jail study,” she explained. “It’s going to take about a year to roll out all of the recommendations. In about six months, they can tell us if those are implemented, what it is saving in cost, and how the recommendations are helping the jail bed numbers.

“Donna Lekander of the Community and Family Initiatives Department is also going to help the jail program coordinator set up family-friendly jail visits. The parent will have to be involved in the program and attending a parenting class. One comment from an inmate was that he never realized that his actions impacted his kids.

“You’ll see a few changes in the jail lobby. There is a bookshelf with books for kids. The family is still separated from the inmate by glass when they are visiting but the inmate can have the same book as the child and they can read it together.”

The next meeting of the Carlton County TRIAD will be Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. at a location yet to be determined.


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