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By Lois E Johnson
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Louvers to be installed at Moose Lake Power


September 6, 2018

The new engine for generating electricity is operable but it can’t draw enough cool, outside air, Superintendent Harlan Schmeling reported to the Moose Lake Power Commission at the monthly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

Schmeling explained that windows have to be removed from the east wall of the power plant and louvers installed to bring in enough ventilation. The louvers would open automatically when the engine was running.

Commissioners Curt Yort and Keith Carlson approved replacing the windows with louvers and suggested getting quotes from commercial companies. Commissioner Mike Peterson was absent.

The commissioners also approved a payment to the Corval Group in the amount of $104,378.21 for the fourth pay application on the installation of the engine.

There was discussion once again about where to locate fast chargers for electric vehicles in the city.

It was reported that Schmeling had found a double-sided charger that would reduce the number of chargers that were needed.

Schmeling reported some time ago that he had found a price for the installation of fast chargers at $50,000. However, in further investigation, he learned that Elk River uses chargers from Charge Point at an estimated cost of $38,000.

Possible locations for the chargers were discussed: west of the Holiday Station, the park and somewhere downtown.

“It would be nice to have a coordinated effort with the city’s EDA and the chamber,” said Carlson.

It was decided to continue to work on finding locations for the chargers to be installed.

One proposal had been received by email earlier that day about purchasing and installing new meters for homes and businesses within the power company’s service area. The new meters would be read automatically, instead of linemen traveling to each location and reading the meters with a handheld device, as is the practice currently.

Schmeling reported that the 158-page proposal from Tantalus needed to be reviewed before it was accepted. A meeting will be set on or before the Sept. 11 deadline date, it was decided.

The commissioners considered a request from the Moose Lake Area Fire Protection District for a rebate of more than $1,000 for the installation of LED lighting in the Emergency Response Services building. The total cost of materials for the project was $5,900, it stated on a letter from the fire district.

There was discussion about whether to approve a rebate for the entire cost of the materials or whether to stick to the policy that set the maximum rebate at $1,000.

A decision was tabled until more information was obtained.

Schmeling reported that, now that the bucket truck has been overhauled and returned to the power company, it can be used to remove a backlog list of trees that are causing problems with the power lines in the power company’s service area. Trees not near the power lines can also be removed, it was said. The wood is cut and left for the property owner to use or dispose of.

An interconnect agreement with Great River Energy expires at the end of the year, it was said.

The power company has been purchasing power from GRE but will switch to purchasing power from AEP, American Electric Power on Jan. 1, 2019. GRE’s power lines will still be used to bring power to the power plant.

It was decided to meet with GRE and negotiate a new agreement. AEP will also be consulted about the negotiations.

The next meeting of the Moose Lake Power Commission was set for Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 3 p.m. at the power plant.


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